• Can be use as left side only, right side only, or ambidextrous
  • Interchangeable selector switch (2x switches and 1x end cap)
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Modular assembly
  • 60 or 90-degree throw options
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Blue, and Red finish!


  • Material:
    • Levers: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Selector Shaft: Steel
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.53 oz.


  • Most AR-15 lower receivers

*Will NOT fit .308 pattern lower receivers with shelf (DPMS, Bushmaster), ATI Omni Hybrid (all calibers), Seekins Precision SP 223 Gen 2, or F-1 Firearms Receiver, without modification to receiver or selector switch.

*Not compatible with Hiperfire Triggers


  • 2x Hex Screw
  • 1x Allen Wrench
  • 1x 60/90 Safety Center Bar
  • 1x End Cap
  • 1x Right Side Strike Switch
  • 1x Left Side Strike Switch

Strike Industries Strike Switch


As a firearms enthusiast, you know that sometimes the devil really is in the details. Little things like an inconvenient or difficult to operate safety switch can make an otherwise awesome rifle a pain in the neck to shoot. Something as seemingly small as an AR-15 ambi safety can be the difference between a great build and the rifle you only reach for when you’re working on your favorite.

Strike Industries Strike Switch AR-15 Safety Selector

The craftsmen of Strike Industries have created their business around improving the little things that are the difference between a fully customized rifle and one that's just a modified version of someone else’s plan. Their answer to the problems frequently encountered with safety selector switches is the Strike Industries Strike Switch. The Strike Switch is an ambidextrous safety selector designed to be used without changing your grip from firing position whether you are right or left handed.

Strike's innovative AR-15 ambi safety serves as a comfortable to use index point and rest for your thumb in a natural shooting position. The toggle operation of this ambidextrous safety selector makes the Strike Switch the easiest to use, most intuitive ambidextrous safety selector available to the AR-15 builder/consumer.

Customizable AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety

In the name of full customization, Strike’s ambidextrous safety selector even allows for adjustment in operation. Choose either a 60 or 90-degree throw depending on your personal preferences. Of course, while looks aren’t everything, attention to finish isn’t something Strike Industries overlooks. You can order your Strike Switch ambidextrous safety selector in basic black or grey to blend in with the rest of your components. If you want to get noticed, choose blue or red to add a little extra pop to your next build.

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