[How to Guide] Accurizing Your AR-15

8th Nov 2021

AR-15s, and semi-automatic rifles in general, have a reputation for being less accurate than their bolt-action counterparts, but that doesn't have to be the case. There's a lot you can do to improve both the mechanical and practical accuracy of your AR-15 and achieve better groupings. Read on to learn more about what you can do to accurize an AR-15.

How to Accurize Your AR-15

Though AR-15s are exceptionally accessible and relatively easy to build, there are so many options and so much information about accurizing that it can sometimes be a challenge to know where to start. Below you'll find the first five steps you should take to begin improving the accuracy of your firearm.

1. Evaluate Accuracy

Before you can make your AR-15 more accurate, you need to figure out your starting point. Head to your local range to shoot off a few rounds as a field test to evaluate your current accuracy.

Firearm accuracy is evaluated using an angular measurement called minute of angle or MOA, which represents 1/60 of a degree. Your MOA measurement tells you the size of your shot dispersion in inches, calculated by determining how close together your impacts are from center to center. For example, if all your shots land within 1 inch of each other at 100 yards, your MOA is 1.0.

2. Establish What Parts Need Upgraded

While you evaluate the accuracy of your AR-15, pay close attention to each of its parts to determine what might be affecting your results. The most common parts upgrades to improve accuracy include barrel replacements, upper receiver upgrades, trigger upgrades, floating handguards and better optics.

3. Choose Upgrades

Choose your upgrade parts carefully, and do plenty of research to determine which will give you the best results. You'll want parts with good reviews and proven track records for accuracy to provide the greatest impact on your MOA.

Make sure the upgrades you purchase are compatible — you'll always get the best accuracy from parts that fit together tightly. This precise fit is especially crucial when it comes to your barrel extension, upper receiver and bolt.

4. Assemble Carefully

Proper assembly and installation can make or break the accuracy of your AR-15. While assembling an AR and swapping out parts is generally pretty simple, be sure to take your time, use the proper tools and avoid any shortcuts that may hinder your accuracy.

As mentioned above, you'll achieve the best accuracy if all your parts fit together as tightly as possible to reduce or eliminate movement when you shoot. If there's any wiggle between the barrel extension and the upper receiver, consider using Loctite to bed it.

5. Fine-Tune Your Own Accuracy

Upgrading and accurizing your AR-15 is a great way to achieve better mechanical accuracy, but your practical accuracy — your own ability to shoot accurately — is just as important. Spend time practicing with your newly upgraded firearm to hone your skills and achieve the smallest group possible. Also, remember that ammunition plays a tremendous role in determining accuracy, so consider handloading or investing in some premium rounds to evaluate what your rifle is truly capable of.

Start Accurizing Your AR-15

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