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CompMag is one of the most innovative companies in the firearms industry today. It is a company that came into being because of necessity and offered a very ingenious solution for firearms owners in states like California, where unconstitutional firearm restrictions prevent citizens from owning “Assault Weapons.”

From Necessity to Innovation

CompMag was founded by a Californian gun owner in 2016 after the new restrictive firearm ownership laws were passed in the state of California. This new set of laws defined firearms with certain features like detachable magazines, pistol grips, and vertical foregrips as “Assault Weapons” and banned their ownership.

Being a prominent proponent of Second Amendment rights, CompMag started to work on finding a solution that would be practical and compatible with a wide range of weapon systems. After consulting several lawyers, firearms manufacturers, and responsible firearms owners, CompMag identified that the simplest way to make a weapon California-compliant while retaining its features was to give it a fixed magazine.

Keep Fully Featured Rifles in California

After making countless prototypes and trying out various designs, CompMag introduced their forest product in 2017, which was the AR-15 CompMag, designed to work as a 10-round fixed magazine that can be conveniently topped up from the side. This innovative magazine is the perfect solution to allow shooters to own fully featured Ar-15 rifles in California.

After the incredible success of the AR-15 CompMag, they also released similar magazines for the AK-47 and AR-10 platform.

CompMag is one of the most inspiring companies in the State of California, working to preserve the Second Amendment rights of California gun owners by making some of the most innovative products on the market.