• Designed to work with both Colt/RR and Glock style AR builds
  • Compatible with standard mil-spec uppers. There are also numerous dedicated 9mm upper options that work
  • Requires the use of a unique magwell conversion (Colt/Rock River style) with UZI mags or a dedicated 9mm lower with Glock mags
  • Operates by blowback and does not need a gas block or gas tube
  • Muzzle device ready - 1/2-28 TPI
  • Integrated feed ramp and barrel extension

*A barrel that is shorter than 16" is only for use on a pistol configuration firearm or a NFA registered Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR). All NFA laws apply!


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Length: 5.5-Inch, 8.3-Inch, 11-Inch, or 16-Inch
  • Twist Rate: 1:10 Twist
  • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
  • Muzzle Thread Pattern: 1/2"-28
  • Finish: QPQ Black
  • Weight:
    • 5.5-Inch: 9.6 oz.
    • 8.3-Inch: 9.5 oz.
    • 11-Inch: 17.8 oz.
    • 16-Inch: 24.3 oz.


  • AR-15 upper receiver


Accuracy is everything. This is something that’s too often forgotten when people start working on smaller caliber builds. You can’t be accurate if you’re sending bullets down the firearm equivalent of a plastic straw. Even small caliber builds deserve a barrel with some heft to it if you want to make it easy to stay on target. Ballistic Advantage offers a 9mm AR-15 barrel that isn’t a wimpy, whippy, undersized excuse for a barrel. The Straight Profile Ballistic Advantage 9mm AR15 Barrel is designed to work with both Colt/RR and Glock style AR builds. Choose an 8.3" or 11" 9mm barrel from Ballistic Advantage and make your 9mm build the best on the range.

A Little Forethought Goes a Long Way

Ballistic Advantage wants you to enjoy shooting your 9mm AR. To that end, they’ve done some things to make it easier for you to complete your AR system the way you want it. The Ballistic Advantage 9mm AR15 barrel is designed to work with both Colt and Glock based builds and is compatible with both Mil-Spec uppers and a variety of dedicated 9mm uppers.

In addition to extremely flexible upper applications, the BA 9mm AR barrel is threaded to ½ x 28. This makes it easier for you to find a muzzle device that you like that will thread onto your barrel, but also requires a little common sense on your part. Please be sure that a standard 9mm round will pass through the bore of your muzzle device before installation. As an example, you’ll find that 9mm rounds won’t fit through the opening of a standard ½ x 28 TPI muzzle device designed for .223/5.56.

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