MPN: 15A58M11NGQ / 15A58M14NGQ / 15A58M16NGQ / 15A58R18NGQ


  • Gunner Profile - a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov't and Pencil
  • Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI), air-gauge tested, and fully stress relieved
  • All Faxon 5.56 NATO barrels are individually checked for headspace
  • Nitride treated inside and out
  • 11-degree target crown to ensure superior accuracy
  • QPQ Nitride corrosion resistant finish

*A barrel that is shorter than 16" is only for use on a pistol configuration firearm or a NFA registered Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR). All NFA laws apply!


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem
  • Gas Seat: 0.625"
  • Twist Rate: 1:8 Twist
  • Material: 4150 CMV Steel
  • M4 Feed Ramps: Yes
  • Muzzle Thread Pattern: 1/2"-28 TPI
  • Bore Finish: QPQ Nitride
  • Outside Finish: QPQ Nitride
  • Gas Placement:
    • 11.5-Inch: Mid-Length
    • 14.5-Inch: Mid-Length
    • 16-Inch: Mid-Length
    • 18-Inch: Rifle-Length
  • Weight:
    • 22.5-Inch: 1 lb. 2.24 oz.
    • 14.5-Inch: 1 lb. 4.6 oz.
    • 16-Inch: 1 lb. 5.9 oz.
    • 18-Inch: 1 lb. 7.1 oz.


  • AR-15 upper receiver


If you want an excellent quality true 5.56 AR Barrel that features agility, the mass it needs for good resistance to heat and the weight to keep it all steady, Faxon Firearms 5.56 NATO GUNNER Barrel is tailor-made for your needs. Wing Tactical brings you this top-notch Faxon offering in an 18” AR barrel, a mid-length 16” AR barrel, and a 14.5” AR barrel so you can have your cake and eat it too whether you’re looking to build a long barreled field rifle, a mid-length setup or something a little more compact.

The GUNNER Really Is All That

The steadfast reliability of the government profile and the elegance of today’s pencil profile barrels meet in the middle of this 5.56 AR barrel by Faxon Firearms. From the gas block back this one’s all Government business. Its husky profile distributes heat and the mass of this barrel section helps you to keep things under control without a lot of fatigue from holding things down. Forward of the .625” gas block journal, the easy to love pencil profile adds refinement to your build and a little extra agility to the handling of your weapon.

Faxon Quality Start to Finish

Whichever length of Faxon barrel you choose you’re sure to find that you’re getting one of the finest quality 5.56 AR barrels available on the market today. That’s because Faxon manufactures their barrels in-house so they have complete oversight throughout the process from the choice of 4150 CMV Steel to the quench polish quench nitride finishing processes. Faxon barrels are second to none because they’re crafted by workers who take pride in the finished product.

Whether you choose an abbreviated 14.5” AR barrel, the full length 18” AR barrel or compromise on length with a 16” AR barrel, Faxon’s Gunner barrel is the 5.56 barrel that you can count on to give you everything you want and maybe even a little more.

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