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Faxon Firearms, hailing from Cincinnati, is making waves with their high-quality barrels and Bolt Carrier Groups (BCGs). They zero in on what shooters care about—precision and reliability. Whether you're gunning for top spot in a competition or you just love top-grade gear, Faxon’s products are all about boosting your shooting game. They’re constantly innovating to make sure their firearms parts not only meet but exceed what you’d expect from high-performance gear.

Faxon Firearms Born from Machining the World’s Most Critical Parts

Faxon Firearms is a division of Faxon Machining. Faxon manufactures some of the highest quality small arms components you’ll find anywhere on today’s market. Faxon Machining has been a producer of precision machined components for the defense, aerospace, automotive, energy and medical industries since 1978. The Cincinnati, Ohio, machining company has been manufacturing integral parts for some of the most complicated, costly and high-risk mechanical systems man has ever designed.

Faxon Firearms is a Purpose-Built Company

In 2011, Bob Faxon found himself disappointed in the upper receivers available for the AR-15 platform and took it upon himself to incorporate all of the features he felt other manufacturers were lacking into one premium quality package. In 2012, Faxon Firearms was born to bring quality innovations to the small arms market. Faxon brings the experience and accolades gained from the world’s most demanding manufacturing niches to the world of firearms like no other producer.

Faxon’s products are so well received that a number of well-known and trusted manufacturers rely on Faxon’s parts to complete the builds they market under their own names. 2A Armament, Robar, and Kaiser US all offer AR retail builds that feature Faxon Barrels. With customers like those, you know that Faxon has to be on to something.

Faxon Barrels

Faxon barrels are well-respected in the shooting community for their top-notch quality, precision, and performance. Every single barrel goes through a rigorous quality control process to promise nothing but top-notch performance that won’t let you down. If pinpoint accuracy or rapid firing is what drives you, rest assured - the array of dimensions will fit snugly into any shooter's preference. Whether for competition, hunting, or recreational shooting, Faxon barrels are trusted by shooters worldwide for their durability, precision, and value.

More Than Just Barrels

Faxon Firearms is known for more than just their barrels. Whether it's a new grip or an upgraded barrel you're after, their selection spans all the essentials—bolt carriers, muzzle brakes, handguards — you name it. Quality is guaranteed. Skilled hands shape every piece to perfection before it passes a thorough inspection for unbeatable dependability and function. Shooters trust Faxon for one simple reason - they're committed to crafting superior firearm parts and add-ons that set new standards in the industry.

Faxon slides and barrels on Glock

By Shooters For Shooters

Just like the crew at Wing Tactical, Bob and Barry Faxon are gun enthusiast. They’re collectors and marksmen, so they know how important the parts they create are. With 30 years of ownership and oversight of Faxon Machining under their belts, they know attention to detail is paramount. Faxon barrels, uppers and bolt carrier groups are easily some of the finest, most accurate components on the market and they’re marketed at price points that make them a great value too. Wing Tactical is proud to partner with Faxon Firearms to bring their products to you, our faithful customers. We’re sure you’ll find them exceptional in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faxon Firearms best known for?

Faxon is best known for its precision-engineered rifle and pistol barrels, which are highly regarded in the industry for their performance and quality.

Are Faxon AR-15 barrels compatible with all AR-15s?

Most Faxon barrels are designed to be compatible with standard AR-15 components, but it's always wise to check specific compatibility based on the intended build or upgrade.

What types of firearms does Faxon Firearms produce parts for?

Faxon manufactures parts primarily for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, but they also produce components for other platforms, including the Ruger 10/22 and Glock pistols.

What materials does Faxon Firearms use in their barrels?

Faxon typically uses high-quality materials such as 4150 carbon steel or 416-R stainless steel for their barrels, and they offer various finishes like Nitride or PVD coating to enhance durability and corrosion resistance.

Does Faxon Firearms offer custom barrel options?

Faxon offers a wide range of barrels with different lengths, calibers, and profiles, but they do not typically offer custom barrel manufacturing. They do, however, offer barrels for a variety of needs and specifications.

Can I install a Faxon barrel on my firearm myself?

Yes, if you have the appropriate skills and tools. However, it is recommended that installations be done by a professional gunsmith to ensure safety and accuracy.