MPN: FX300MB / FX556MB


  • Ideal quick solution to identifying the ammo into the magazine
  • Bright and solid color bands
  • Make it easy to avoid catastrophic discharges
  • Bands are marked on one side and the other side can be labeled the load
  • Sold in packs of 10


  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 0.11 oz.


  • Designed to put on AR-15 and 300 Blackout magazines


  • 10x Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands


Do you ever shoot with friends? Whether it's at the range or in the backyard, when you get several people together, things can get crazy. Hey, I've been there. A fun competition turns into a challenge, maybe an argument, or even a dare. At any rate, the more people involved in anything increases the chance of confusion. Just look at politics, there you go. However, you have to be clear on which ammo goes in which gun.

Don't Be That Guy

How stupid can somebody be? I mean, magazine identification is not rocket science, right? Well, the AR-15 can safely fire many different size cartridges. While some mags won't interchange, some will. However, the cartridges are a different story. The perfect answer to the magazine identification issue is Faxon magazine marker bands. Wow, say that three times fast and we've got a jingle. If we're shooting together, will I try to load your 300 blk into my 5.56? Not if you're using 300 BLK magazine bands, crisis averted.

Range Time Is Better Than Time In The Emergency Room.

Faxon magazine marker bands come in brilliant red or blue, depending on the caliber designation. Say you have a bunch of 300 BLK magazine bands because that's the size AR you shoot. One day you get a .223 Wylde, lucky you. Only Faxon Firearms doesn't sell magazine identification bands for your new .223 Wylde, are you screwed? Not at all, because Faxon magazine marker bands are only printed on one side. Yep, the other side is blank. Now get a sharpie and fill in the blank. Faxon Firearms helps you make sure that one less thing will go off the rails today.

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