• Extended latch for positive engagement
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: 7075 Billet Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 1.23 oz.

The Odin Works AR-15 XCH Extended Latch Charging Handle comes in: Black and Red.


  • AR-15


There are a lot of issues with Mil-spec charging handles. These challenges can make it tough for an operator to be effective in the field. In the past, Odin Works brought you an add on Extended Charging Handle Latch. It was well received, but for some, it just wasn’t enough. You asked for a one piece, drop-in replacement tactical charging handle for the AR-15 handle that would do the job without modification. The Odin Works AR15 XCH Complete Extended Charging Handle is the response you’ve been waiting for.

Odin Works Meets Challenges Head On

Operators with large hands and those who work with gloved hands can frequently have issues with the latch size of original equipment stock charging handles. Some tactical charging handle latches may not afford proper clearance when large optics are equipped. Those are just a couple of the problems that need to be addressed when building a drop-in extended charging handle to meet the needs of the modern field operator. Odin Works has met those challenges head-on with the creation of their Complete Extended Latch Charging Handle.

Quality Construction, Effective Design

Odin Works starts with U.S. sourced 7075 Aluminum Billet and a great ergonomic design. Their team machines that billet into a tactical charging handle that makes the operator faster and more effective in the field. Intuitive operation of the Odin Works XCH AR-15 Complete Extended Latch Charging Handle gives you the edge you need in combat. You can get a firm grasp with gloves on. Additional clearance means you won’t rap your knuckles on your glass, even when the adrenaline’s pumping. This is the one you asked for. Give yourself an edge.

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