• Enlarged latches increasing the surface area for easier operation
  • True ambidextrous design
  • Drop-in upgrade for standard AR-15 charging handle


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Hardcoat Anodized
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.


  • AR-15


Left-handed users of the AR-15 platform have often struggled with the right-handed design of the original charging handle. When you start searching for ambi charging handles, chances are that you will burn out before you can check out all of them. They range from just plain, barely useable Mil-Spec to contraptions that look like stage props from Star Wars. If you just want a simple ambi charging handle that does its job well, The Troy ambi charging handle is what you have been looking for.

Troy Ambidextrous Charging Handle Vs. Other Models

Let's start with the shortfalls of other models and see how much better the Troy ambidextrous charging handle can be. First of all the Troy charging handle is not simply a standard handle with a modified ambi latch. It offers real ambidextrous functionality with two symmetrical latches. Additionally, it does away with the undersized standard handle. The ears on the Troy ambi charging handle are large enough to allow a solid grip, yet not too big. Sure, you will be able to use the fast, palm-sweep charging method and easily get a grip even with large optics mounted at the rear of your Pic rail. However, you won't have to deal with the Troy ambi charging handle hanging up on your gear.

Some charging handles are not designed for anything but show. The Troy ambidextrous charging handle is symmetrical. Its smooth, even operation becomes very important in high-stress, extreme conditions. The Troy charging handle is ideal for the shooter who suffers from arthritis or has any injury related mobility issue with their hands. If you have large old paws or operate wearing gloves, then the natural, ample, ergonomic shape of the Troy ambidextrous charging handle will be a welcome addition to your weapon.

Troy Ambi Charging Handle Is Made For Both Left And Right-Handed Shooters

You don't have to be left-handed to benefit from this charging handle; it is excellent for right-handed users who may find themselves shooting around barricades left-handed. The piece is built from aircraft-grade aluminum so that it will tough out the hardest conditions without weighing down your AR-15.

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