MPN: The Hit


  • Self-contained drop in design
  • Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design (SEAL'd) to ensure a user-friendly experience
  • Trigger blocking side safety
  • NP-3 plated sear for maximum lubricity and a lifetime of reliable performance
  • Adjustable trigger pull weight (8 oz. to 2 lbs.)


  • Material: Heat Treated Steel Trigger with 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Type: Single-Stage
  • Pull Weight: 8 oz. - 2 lbs.
  • Trigger Style: Flat or Curved Trigger


  • Remington Model 700 and all 700 Actioned clones
  • Remington Model 673
  • Remington Model 721
  • Remington Model 722
  • Remington Model 725
  • Christensen Arms Carbon One
  • Defiance Machine 700 Action
  • Les Bear Tactical Bolt Action
  • Nesika Tactical Action
  • Remington XP-100R
  • Sendero Remington M722
  • Model 78


Are you looking for a lighter pull weight, yet high-quality trigger upgrade for your Remington 700? You’ve found it! The HIT Remington 700 Trigger by Timney is both lightweight and strong to give you years of shooting pleasure with your Rem 700.

Timney HIT Trigger For Remington 700

Timney has been producing high-quality release mechanisms since the late 1940s, when the founder began selling his products out of a garage in California. Now housed in a 25,000-square-foot building, the company continues to provide law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and gun owners of all types with quality they can trust.

The HIT series was designed for long-range and competition shooting. The new series has been upgraded from older versions and features a trigger pull adjustable from as low as 8 ounces up to 2 pounds. The moving parts of this HIT Remington 700 Trigger are machined from A2 tool steel and heat treated to a hardness of Rockwell 58 to ensure the durability of the product.

Drop-In Remington 700 Trigger Upgrade

The self-contained drop-in design of this replacement makes it a snap to install. A trigger-blocking side safety helps prevent negligent discharge. The wire EDM-machined sears are Teflon-nickel coated to ensure that they’ll last you a lifetime. With its strong lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum housing, the blue-colored HIT series will provide you with years of memories with your Remington 700.

The Timney HIT Remington 700 Trigger comes in Black and Nickel Plated.

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