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In the intricate world of firearm enhancements, Timney Triggers has consistently risen as the touchstone for performance and finesse. When you choose Timney, you're not just getting a trigger; you're getting a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Timney Trigger

Timney Triggers: The Apex of Precision Engineering

At Wing Tactical, our guiding principles revolve around precision, top-tier quality, and trustworthiness. Naturally, our synergy with Timney Triggers is like the seamless fit of expertly machined firearm parts.

Founded in 1946 and hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Timney Triggers embarked on a singular mission: to sculpt triggers that epitomize precision and reliability. Their undying passion for elevating the very essence of firearms has earned them unmatched respect among trigger connoisseurs.

Timney AR-15 Trigger

More Than Just Triggers: The Timney Experience

Timney doesn't just churn out triggers; they meticulously craft moments of perfection. Whether you're exploring their iconic Remington 700 triggers or the bespoke AR range, you're delving into a lineage of precision and heritage.

Calvin Elite Series: Where Engineering Meets Artistry

Honoring one of Timney's master craftsmen, the Calvin Elite Series stands as the pinnacle of trigger design and function. It's where contemporary engineering melds seamlessly with deep-rooted shooting know-how.

Beyond the Trigger Pull

Timney's expertise isn't just limited to triggers; they excel in a range of shooting accessories too. Every item carries the hallmark of Timney's dedication to excellence.

Wing Tactical & Timney Triggers: Crafting Perfection Together

Our alliance with Timney Triggers transcends mere business. It's about two entities, bound by the commitment to the fine art of shooting. Every Timney product that adorns our collection reflects the unwavering standards we both vouch for.

From seasoned marksmen to weekend warriors, Timney Triggers ensures a shooting experience that's in a league of its own. And with Wing Tactical by your side, you're always assured of expert guidance and premium offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Timney Triggers over others?

Timney's steadfast focus on accuracy and their continuous innovation trajectory make their triggers more than just hardware; they're an experience.

What's the secret behind Timney Triggers’ consistency?

Each product from Timney undergoes rigorous testing and careful tuning, guaranteeing that every shot is consistent and true.

Who are the avid Timney Triggers users?

Whether you're a competition shooter, a tactical professional, or someone who enjoys the great outdoors with a firearm by their side, Timney Triggers has got you covered. Their steadfast dedication to quality and precision ensures they remain a favored choice for diverse shooting needs.