• Work with SIG P320 Full-Size, Compact, and Carry pistol
  • Make from lightweight 6061 aluminum
  • Uniquely angled front port single chamber design improve consistency
  • Reduce muzzle climb and recoil
  • Fit flush with the slide and has been optimized for Faxon branded barrels

*Compensators can affect the timing of your pistol and may require adjustments in lubrication, ammunition, recoil spring, and other areas.


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • Length: 1.377"
  • Width: 1.059"
  • Height: 1.440"
  • Thread: 1/2"-28


  • SIG P320 Full-Size, Compact, and Carry pistol

*The barrel should protrude .600” or less for a flush fit.

*Fitment with pistols or generations other than the models listed above cannot be guaranteed.


  • 1x Faxon EXOS-515 Pistol Compensator
  • 2x 6-32 Set Screws
  • 1x 1/16 Allen Wrench
  • 1x Thread Locker


Is your shot group with your Sig P320 all over the place? Maybe you’re struggling to get the target back under your sights, or perhaps your shot speed is way higher than you want it to be with your Sig. If any of these or a myriad of other issues is the case, you need the Faxon EXOS-515.

Why You And Your Sig Need The Faxon EXOS-515

Compensators make the gas from weapon discharge work for you and press that muzzle back down when it rides the recoil up. The EXOS-515 is an exceptional compensator because it fits your Sig P320 Full-Size, Compact, or Carry. It is built from high-grade aluminum, so you know it is tough but lightweight. It is functional and stylish on your weapon, but best of all, it comes from the brand you know and trust.

Your Shooting Experience Will Never Be The Same

Consistency and target re-acquisition are the names of the game. Without a compensator, the muzzle is going to travel on you. That means it takes longer to bring the target back under the sights. Each shot will be subject to the inconsistency of gasses discharged at the muzzle. The EXOS-515 takes all that away. With this compensator in place, the gasses will do the work for you, pressing down on the compensator with each shot to keep the muzzle from wandering.

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