MPN: 100-050 / 100-057 / 100-137


  • Reduces pre-travel
  • Reduces over-travel
  • Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized Black, Red, or Blue


  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol in 9mm and .40 calibers

**NOT for use in the Shield 2.0, Shield EZ, and Shield 45.

**NOT certified for use for pistols chambered in 30 Super Carry.


  • 1x Aluminum Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P Shield
  • 1x Trigger Return Spring Installation Shield Slave Pin


When you’re ready to upgrade your M&P Shield trigger and leave behind the excessive overtravel and pre-travel phases of the factory M&P Shield trigger's action, it’s time to choose your Action Enhancement Apex Tactical Shield Trigger.

How Does the APEX Tactical M&P Shield Trigger Improve Performance?

The Apex Trigger M&P Shield is one upgrade from Apex Tactical Specialties that can make a world of difference in the function of your M&P Shield Pistol. The Apex Trigger M&P Shield is a drop-in replacement trigger that replaces the original manufacturer’s equipment hinged trigger with a solid trigger body and a center mounted pivoting safety. While the center mounted safety allows the Apex Tactical M&P Trigger to retain the safety values that are so important to the safe operation of your pistol, the Action Enhancement Trigger reduces unwanted pre and over-travel by 20% allowing you to operate your weapon with more confidence and accuracy than the Factory trigger provides.

Choose Your APEX Tactical M&P Shield Trigger Type and Color

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P Shield is available in two distinct styles, the standard, and Apex Flat Trigger models. Both triggers are available with some color choice. The Flat-faced model is available in black and red, while the standard Action Enhancement trigger M&P Shield upgrades are available in red, blue, and black. Your Apex flat trigger or standard Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P Shield works well with other Apex M&P Shield upgrades such as the Duty/ Carry Kit. Choose the color and style of trigger that suits you best and give yourself an edge.

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