MPN: APRH100126C


  • M5 .308 Carbine Buffer for use in .308 Carbines with a collapsible buttstock
  • Perfect for your next build or direct replacement for worn out buffer
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Weight: 3.8 oz.
  • Length: 2.5"


  • .308 AR with carbine buffer tube

**This shorter .308 buffer is specific to .308 carbine buffer tubes and will not work in .308 rifle buffer tube or AR-15


Granted, you finally got your hands on that snazzy new .308 AR carbine and it runs like a dream. You fully expect every trip out to go just as planned, as well it should. However, you should always make it a habit to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Out of all the internal parts to wear out the fastest, that little old buffer ranks one of the highest on the list. With every round fired that buffer takes a pounding and if it fails, the fun stops right there. Fortunately, if you have an extra Aero Precision .308 buffer in your range bag, the fun can continue.

Heart and Soul

The length of the barrel and your buffer system designates it as a carbine. As such, any old buffer just won’t do, you must have a .308 carbine buffer inside there in order to make things work right. This Aero Precision .308 buffer is specifically designed to mate with your .308 AR carbine wearing a collapsible stock. AR-15 or rifle length buffers won’t do, when you run an .308 AR carbine this is the specific .308 carbine buffer you must have.

OMG, They’re An OEM Manufacturer

Aero Precision has been on a mission since 1994. They focus on providing OEM parts to the firearms community that are manufactured to Mil-Spec standards. Therefore, you can always be sure the new part will fit and work as advertised. As a practice, they bring Aero-Space engineering to the industry, providing you with quality parts at a reasonable cost. So, regardless of whether you want to pick up an Aero Precision .308 buffer for a new build or as a replacement part, pick it up here.

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