MPN: APRH100080C / APRH100284C / APRH100952C / APRH100953C


  • Mil-Spec carbine-length buffer for use in AR15 carbine
  • Perfect for build or direct replacement for worn out buffer


  • Weight:
    • Carbine: ~3 oz.
    • H: ~4 oz.
    • H2: ~4.65 oz.
    • H3: ~5.6 oz.
  • Length: 3.25"


  • AR-15 with carbine-length buffer tube


The AR15 buffer is one of the many pieces that make your AR15 a semi-automatic rifle. When a bullet is fired, the energy that forces the bolt carrier backward is used to drive it forwards again. The bolt carrier will compress the buffer against the spring inside the buffer tube. The weight of the AR15 carbine buffer and the buffer spring's strength determines how quickly the bolt carrier returns to the firing position by pushing a new round into the firing chamber.

Most buffer springs are a standard strength, but there are variations. As a good rule of thumb, choose one that fits your rifle's buffer tube. A more tricky choice is the weight of the buffer itself. An AR15 buffer that is too heavy for your rifle will be unable to compress the spring and reload your weapon. A buffer that is too light will move too quickly and be unable to reload accurately.

A properly matched buffer and spring will significantly reduce recoil. However, don't get so caught up in recoil reduction that you fail to use your weapon's proper buffer weight. Otherwise, you will lose the ability to reload your AR15 automatically.

Most buffers are made from a combination of aluminum, steel, tungsten, and rubber. Steel and tungsten make up the bulk of the weight for a buffer. Both of these metals are very dense and provide the needed kinetic energy to create sufficient momentum within the buffer tube.

Buffer weights are divided into four groups: Carbine (standard), H, H2, and H3. Carbine buffers contain three steel weights. H buffers contain one tungsten weight and two steel weights. This buffer is compatible with the same rifles as the standard AR15 carbine buffer. H2 buffers contain two tungsten weights and one steel weight for additional stability. These buffers are usually best used with longer barrels or carbines operated with short-stroke pistons. H3 buffers are the heaviest of all, with three tungsten weights. This buffer was designed for use with the Colt infantry automatic rifle (IAR), which has a longer, heavier barrel than the AR15 carbine versions.

This Mil-Spec AR15 carbine buffer by Aero Precision is designed specifically for use with ARs that have a collapsible buttstock. It is ideal for both custom builds and the replacement of worn-out parts.


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