MPN: APRH100193C


  • Mil-Spec rifle buffer for use in .308 AR rifle with fixed stock buffer tube
  • Perfect for build or direct replacement for worn out buffer


  • Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Length: 5.3"


  • AR-10 with rifle length buffer tube

*Will not work with carbine length buffer tubes


It’s been said that misery loves company and that usually proves to be true. However, the same is true when it comes to quality. A quality company makes quality parts that, in turn, attracts a quality customer. When you’re holding that great .308 AR rifle, don’t even think about putting in some miserable, low-end part inside it. Certainly, don’t opt for a cheaply made, imported buffer when you can get a high-quality Aero Precision .308 rifle buffer right here.

Nothing but The Best Will Do

Aero Precision designs all of their parts with one goal in mind, perfection. Their .308 rifle buffer is specifically engineered to function flawlessly in the .308 AR rifle buffer tube. When you slide the Aero Precision buffer into your rifles buffer tube, you won’t have to hope it’s going to work, you ’re going to know it will. Certainly, you could search the web and find some imported buffer and maybe even save a buck. However, I’ve noticed that the older I get the less I want to be jerked around, and I imagine you’re much the same. When you want quality that you can trust your life to, then you want Aero Precision parts inside your rifle.

A Good Reputation Is Important

Aero Precision is an all American company nestled in Tacoma, Washington. They have been recognized by both the military and law enforcement nationwide for the quality and performance of their firearm components. This recognition didn’t come by accident, it took time to earn and keep. Aero Precision accomplished this because as a company they never settle for the status quo, they are always looking for a better way to do their job.

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