MPN: 25762


  • Heat Treated, Stress Relieved and Dual Stage Shot-Peened post winding
  • Impregnation / Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide formulation
  • Increased "lock time" for faster sight recovery and platform stability
  • Consistent spring pressure throughout the duty cycle of the spring, resulting in fewer malfunctions related to spring operation
  • Improved & consistent cyclic operation. Spring will not change performance for many hundreds of thousands of rounds
  • Greater resistance to heat induced performance degradation
  • Reduced operating cost as replacement springs are not needed during the life of your upper receiver assembly
  • Reduced cyclic rate with Enhanced or Extra Power springs and reduce bolt bounce with optimal spring and buffer weight selection


  • Material: ASTM Grade A877 Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon Wire Stock
  • Outer Diameter: 0.92"
  • Inside Diameter: 0.78"


  • AR-10 with carbine length buffer tube


An AR-style rifle chambered in .308 is an impressive beast. That figures, given the sorts of beasts you hunt with it. When the time comes to take a game that's got some heft, you need your AR-10 to be just as reliable as a standard AR-15 in 5.56mm. Upgrading your weapon with the Sprinco orange spring for .308 will help your AR endure the sort of stress this famous intermediate cartridge generates and help keep your freezer stocked with delicious cuts of the big stuff.

Big Bad Orange

Sprinco's orange spring is intended for over-gassed systems firing this burly caliber - Sprinco even describes it as their "extra extra power" buffer spring at the upper end of their line of already durable springs. Springco creates their products with materials used in Formula One valve springs, tempered with real shot-peening and heat treatments to ensure they last as long as your rifle.

Value in Endurance

Whether you're an expert with hundreds of hours of gunsmithing under your belt, or an enthusiast eager to tinker with your new .308 rifle, you want the components you select to offer you value as much as match your shooting goals. The Sprinco orange spring for .308 does both at once - it gives an expert the exact specifications to tune their rifle to perfection and at the price point to keep a new hobbyist from turning a little pale at the checkout counter.

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