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Sprinco USA

Sprinco USA pledges an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, unparalleled service, and absolute customer satisfaction. Sprinco's recoil management systems are made with the highest quality springs on the market and will make a difference in your gun's performance and your shooting. Many of the world's top competition shooters, including world and multi-national champions, have consistently chosen Sprinco USA products for their superior function and reliability. Sprinco's quality is further validated by being the choice of U.S. law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military forces, and other military agencies worldwide.

Unparalleled Manufacturing Technology

Sprinco springs chrome silicon buffer springs are heat-treated and dual-stage shot-peened with multiple post winding treatment processes. Sprinco USA pistol recoil springs are constructed from chrome-silicon alloy wire that is noted for its extreme durability to provides superior performance for extreme high-stress applications. Because of its heat resistance and hardness, chrome-silicon alloy is routinely used in automotive applications, such as valve springs and automatic transmissions, where internal working temperatures can exceed 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Sprinco springs are cryogenically processed at minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit and treated with a proprietary deep penetrating, re-micronized inhibited molybdenum-disulfide formulation to eliminate 90 percent of all mechanical wear. In addition, the cryogenic treatment process eliminates the premature wear caused by the uneven temperature exposure and the high-stress cyclic rates that ejector springs are often exposed to.

Quality and Performance

Sprinco springs are stress relieved to withstand temperatures 100 degrees Fahrenheit higher than chromium-vanadium springs and have been tested to 200,000 cycles without breaking. Professional shooters and firearm manufacturers have testified to the springs' ability to outperform other recoil springs on the market. Chrome-silicon was initially developed for manufacturing recoil springs for anti-aircraft guns where high shock resistance and extreme endurance are demanded springs that typically see 15,000,000 compression cycles. In fact, the endurance of chrome silicon is equal to that of carbon steel under the same conditions. Sprinco USA springs are available in a range of popular weights, and their extractor spring lineup includes a four-coil Enhanced Power, a five-coil Extra Power, and an Extra Power .308 dual spring set.