Aero BREACH Ambi Charging Handle

MPN: APRA700300C / APRA700301C / APRA700320C / APRA700321C / APRA700330C / APRA700331C


  • Ergonomically designed 7075 Aluminum levers allowing quick and effortless manipulation for right- and left-handed shooters
  • Reduced chamfer angles on the 7075 Aluminum reinforced bar design provide a strong foundation for the BREACH that is resistant to rotational flex or breakage
  • Patent-pending lever Mechanism transfers force-of-use away from the roll pins and into the top/head portion of the reinforced bar protecting the charging handle in the most demanding circumstances
  • Gas Deflection Shelf directs any excess gas away from the shooters face when shooting suppressed
  • Stylistic cuts on the charging handle also help to clear stuck on carbon and debris from the upper receiver, while the spacer design seals and protects the lever mechanism from debris
  • Low profile and comfortable when slung
  • Compatible with Aero Precision M5 uppers
  • Available in Small and Large latch; Black, Tan, Kodiak Brown, and OD Green latch


Small Lever BREACH - Provides a low-profile, easily gripped interface that is comfortable when slung and can be actuated effortlessly from either side of your rifle.

Large Lever BREACH - Provides an extended operating surface, perfect for a user with bigger hands, or someone who wants a larger surface for manipulation of the charging handle.


  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized (Black, Tan, Kodiak Brown, or OD Green)
  • Weight:
    • Small Latch: 1.45 oz.
    • Large Latch: 1.58 oz.
  • Width:
    • Small Latch: 2.6"
    • Large Latch: 2.8"
  • Height:
    • Small Latch: 0.35"
    • Large Latch: 0.47"


  • All DPMS Gen1 LR-308 and Armalite AR10 platform such as:
    • Aero M5
    • DPMS Gen1 High and Low
    • Knights Armament SR25
    • STAG-10
    • Armalite AR10
    • Daniel Defense DD5 V3, V4, V5
    • And many others using DPMS Gen1 or Armalite AR10 platform

*Not compatible with: SIG716, Savage MSR10, Smith and Wesson M&P10, DPMS R-25 Gen II, Colt LE901, Bushmaster BAR-10, RRA LAR-8, HK MR762, POF ROGUE AR-10/.308 or others using a DPMS Gen2 style upper. These models use proprietary charging handle designs.


The Aero AR-10 BREACH charging handle offers quick and easy bolt manipulation for both right- and left-handed shooters. The charging handle is available in small- and large-lever models to fit shooters with various sized hands and shooting styles.

Enhanced Performance

The Aero Precision AR-10 BREACH charging handle’s patent-pending mechanism allows the charging force to be transferred away from the roll pins to the reinforced bar to protect the charging handle during high-use circumstances. The small lever configuration offers an easily-gripped low profile that can be actuated from either side of the gun. The large-lever configuration offers a bigger surface for users with larger hands or those who prefer a larger surface. A gas-deflection shelf directs excess gas away from your face, and stylistic cuts help clear carbon and debris from the receiver.

Quality Construction

The Aero Precision AR-10 BREACH Charging Handle is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and features a black, tan, or OD green anodized finish. The small handle weighs in at only 1.45 ounces with a width of 2.6 inches and is just 0.35 inches high. The larger handle weighs just 1.58 ounces with a width of 2.8 inches and is 0.47 inches high. Both handles are ambidextrous, and the low profile won’t get in the way when carrying the rifle on a sling.

Easy Installation

The Aero AR-10 BREACH charging handle is easily installed with no special tools or gunsmithing knowledge. Note that these handles will not work with DPMS LR-308 Gen II AR-10

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