Aero BREACH Ambi Charging Handle

MPN: APRA700100C / APRA700101C / APRA700120C / APRA700121C / APRA700130C / APRA700131C


  • Ergonomically designed 7075 Aluminum levers allowing quick and effortless manipulation for right- and left-handed shooters
  • Reduced chamfer angles on the 7075 Aluminum reinforced bar design provide a strong foundation for the BREACH that is resistant to rotational flex or breakage
  • Patent-pending lever Mechanism transfers force-of-use away from the roll pins and into the top/head portion of the reinforced bar protecting the charging handle in the most demanding circumstances
  • Gas Deflection Shelf directs any excess gas away from the shooters face when shooting suppressed
  • Stylistic cuts on the charging handle also help to clear stuck on carbon and debris from the upper receiver, while the spacer design seals and protects the lever mechanism from debris
  • Low profile and comfortable when slung
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 uppers
  • Available in Small and Large latch; Black, Tan, Kodiak Brown, and OD Green latch


Small Lever BREACH - Provides a low-profile, easily gripped interface that is comfortable when slung and can be actuated effortlessly from either side of your rifle.

Large Lever BREACH - Provides an extended operating surface, perfect for a user with bigger hands, or someone who wants a larger surface for manipulation of the charging handle.


  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized (Black, Tan, Kodiak Brown, or OD Green)
  • Weight:
    • Small Latch: 1.36 oz.
    • Large Latch: 1.49 oz.
  • Width:
    • Small Latch: 2.6"
    • Large Latch: 2.8"
  • Hight:
    • Small Latch: 0.35"
    • Large Latch: 0.47"


  • AR-15


The Aero Precision BREACH Charging Handle is engineered to contribute towards improved handling of your AR-15. Make this charging handle your next upgrade to achieve the next level of defense readiness.

Ergonomic and Strategically Tactical Design

The Aero Precision BREACH Charging Handle is engineered to be both ambidextrous and ergonomic, allowing shooters to operate their AR-15 effectively with either hand, ideal for being able to continue defending yourself even with an injury.

Available in two sizes, Small Latch Breach or Large Lever Breach, to accommodate your need or preference. The small latch is engineered to be low profile and ergonomic. The large lever's size offers excess surface ideal for improving manipulation by larger hands.

Engineered For Effective Defense Readiness

Aero Precision manufactures this charging handle from Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum for ultimate durability. To defend against flexing and breaking, the construction of the handle incorporates a reinforced bar.

Aero Precision strategically engineered their charging handle to reroute gas away from your face as you shoot.

This charging handle offers both tactical benefits and a high-end tactical look. While the design is esthetically pleasing, it is also utilitarian; the cuts on the handle assist with keeping the upper receiver clear, and the spacer defends the lever mechanism from the accumulation of debris.

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