• Mil-Spec dimensions
  • Laser Engraved BAD INC Logo
  • Black Nitride finished with an ultra-hard, corrosion-resistant top surface layer for wear resistance and minimal need for lubricants
  • The new bolt carrier geometry was designed to reduce carrier tilt and the key bearing surfaces are relocated to increase reliability
  • Properly staked gas key
  • Magnetic particle inspected (MPI)
  • High pressure tested (HPT)
  • Machined from Billet
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300BLK
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Finish: Black Nitride
  • Profile: Full-Auto (M16)
  • Material:
    • Bolt Carrier: 8620 steel
    • Bolt: 9310 steel
    • Gas Key: 4140 steel
    • Cam Pin and Extractor: 4140 steel
    • Firing Pin: 17-4 H-900 Steel

**A full-auto (A.K.A. M16) bolt carrier installed in a standard semi-auto AR-15 will not make the gun fire full-auto.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Bolt Assembly
  • 1x Extractor
  • 1x Cam Pin
  • 1x Bolt Carrier
  • 1x Carrier Gas Key
  • 1x Firing Pin
  • 1x Firing Pin Retaining Pin


The bolt carrier group is perhaps one of the most integral parts of an AR-15 and has a significant impact on how the rifle cycles, its reliability, and overall performance. If you are building a 5.56 AR-15, you need to have a high-quality bolt carrier group, and the BATTLEARMS Full Auto Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group is an excellent option to consider.

This high-end bolt carrier is precision machined for multiple durability and performance, and with the laser engraved battle arms logo and black nitride finish.

Durable Construction Using High-quality Metals

Every component of this bolt carrier group is made from high-quality materials. The Bolt carrier itself is machined from a solid billet of 8620 Case Hardened steel. It also has a Black Nitride finish with an ultra-hard, corrosion-resistant top surface layer. This improves the Bolt Carrier's resistance against wear and decreases the need for lubrication as well, making your rifle capable of more rugged use. The bolt carrier also has an enhanced geometry, with is designed to decrease carrier tilt, and the bearing surface for the gas key is relocated to increase reliability

The firing pin is centerless ground from 17-4 H-900 Steel, and the cam pin and extractor are made from 4140 Hardened Steel. The extractor also has a manganese phosphate finish for a positive grip and better extraction. The construction of the Battle Arms bolt carrier group allows it to be used and abused in your rifle and ensures that your rifle will operate more reliably, even in "not so perfect" conditions.

Lower Recoil

The BATTLEARMS Bolt Carrier Group has a full-auto profile, now some people think that a full auto bolt carrier can make your rifle fully automatic, but that is not the case. These bolts are completely legal, and the difference from the semi-auto BCG profile is that a full auto version has more mass in the rear of the bolt carrier.

This results in a lower cyclic rate, which can help you become more accurate and reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise as well. However, keep in mind that the bolt carrier group is only one part of the entire operating system, affecting recoil. For instance, your gas system and buffer spring also make a major difference. Still, using a full auto bolt carrier group can make your rifle smoother, more accurate, and more reliable as well.

Properly Staked Gas Key

The gas key is a very important component of the bolt carrier group, and it is the part where the gasses from the gas tube impact the bolt carrier group, resulting in the operation of the rifle. The BATTLEARMS Bolt Carrier Group features a solid Gas Key is machined from a solid billet of 4140 Steel.

Moreover, it is held in place, with two super durable Grade 8 screws, and is properly staked to ensure that the gas key doesn't come loose after repeated fire. This prevents potential malfunctions and extends the life of the BCG.

Shot Peened Bolt

The bolt is made from 9130 steel and is shot peened to improve reliability. It is also HP tested to make sure that it can withstand the pressures of 5.56 rounds. The bolt is CNC Ground after being heat-treated and has Black Nitride finish to prevent corrosion.

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