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Battle Arms Development, Inc. Parts

At Wing Tactical, we’re committed to offering firearms, parts and accessories from top industry brands, which is why we offer Battle Arms Development parts. Battle Arms Development, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 with a focus on small arms design. Because of its focus and specialization on small arms, this company has been a leader in innovation, delivering new products like the Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector and other high-quality products.

Battle Arms Development manufactures tools, gauges, accessories and complete weapons systems. B.A.D. officially launched on Independence Day 2009 to provide quality products to gun owners across the country. All products by Battle Arms Development are 100 percent U.S.A.-made according to the highest manufacturing standards in existence to date.

The Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous safety selector (BAD-ASS), is designed for use with AR15-type rifles and the ArmaLite, Inc.’s AR10®. These ambidextrous safety levers are interchangeable on both sides for the ultimate in flexibility and user preference. The BAD-ASS is available in nine different lever designs with 81 possible combinations. A company like Battle Arms Development knows that no two customers have the same exact needs when searching for safety selectors and other firearms parts, which is why it offers a selection that includes an array of options.

Battle Arms Development parts also represent the highest levels of usability. That includes durable-yet-lightweight products that are easy to use while delivering the performance you want out of a firearm. The BAD-LGB-TI lightweight, low-profile titanium gas block weighs a mere 0.5 ounces. The distinct C-shaped profile of this gas block ensures that it operates at peak efficiency while offering a sophisticated appearance on your rifle. Precision CNC machined from grade five titanium, this gas block is made to the highest industry standards.

The SABERTUBE lightweight stock is precision machined from billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The lightweight design eliminated the need for a castle nut. Weighing a mere 6.5 ounces, this stock is compatible with all Mil-Spec AR15 lower receivers.

B.A.D. holds many patents on its products with many more patent-pending designs. The company represents ingenuity, superior performance and attention to detail in every product it manufactures. The unique qualities of B.A.D. have earned it a high place as one of the most innovative young companies in the firearms industry. Shooting is a sport and pastime that requires accuracy, precision and performance, and Battle Arms Development delivers each of those characteristics through its BAD-ASS and range of other products.

At Wing Tactical, we choose to offer Battle Arms Development parts because we’re committed to meeting the highest standards of quality. When you search our selection, you’ll find the best in firearms, parts and accessories from leading industry manufacturers.

That commitment to quality also extends to our customer service. If you can’t find the components you’re looking for, or if you simply have questions about the best product for your needs, reach out and we’ll respond quickly to support your search. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service, quality merchandise and real value, and we pursue that mission each day.