• Designed for Semi-Auto .45 ACP AR-15
  • Compatible with Glock style magazines
  • Black Nitride finish inside and out for excellent wear and weather resistant properties
  • Beefier firing pin retention spring to help lower the likely hood of firing pin breakage
  • Laser engraved with KVP logo


  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Material: 8620 Tool Steel
  • Weight: 14.6 oz.
  • Finish: Black Nitride


  • .45 ACP AR-15

*Many aftermarket drop-in triggers use modified hammers and can be temperamental in Blowback systems. For the most consistent results a Mil-Spec fire control group is recommended. However, in our testing, these aftermarket fire control groups should work in most circumstances: POF, Hiperfire EDT and 24 series, Geissele, Timney, Rock River, and Spike’s Tactical.


No doubt, a .45 caliber AR-15 blowback design pistol or carbine is a lot of fun to shoot. However, those little rounds are pretty tough on the internal components of your AR-15, add a suppressor and things get even harder. That doesn't mean you forget it and stay with a full-size weapon, you just need to bring the right parts to the game.

Run or Fight

The most critical part of the equation inside your .45 ACP AR is the .45 ACP bolt carrier group. Of course, the barrel helps with accuracy, and the furniture lets you hang on, but what sets everything in motion is the BCG. Without quality there, it doesn't matter how much you spend on triggers and barrels, if it doesn't go bang, then you run. When you place a high-quality Kaw Valley .45 ACP bolt carrier group in the heart of your AR, your gun will run and you can fight.

Kaw Valley .45 ACP Bolt: High Quality Parts Inside And Out

Now, any .45 ACP bolt carrier group is greater than the sum of its parts, however, those little parts matter a great deal. Inside you will find that Kaw Valley .45 ACP bolt to be hiding an extra-heavy-duty firing pin retaining spring. There are some vicious forces unleashed inside your weapon, and a weaker spring will prematurely break that firing pin. After your shot is fired, there are things that as equally as important, like the next shot. Sometimes an undersized, cheap extractor will not be able to pull out that spent round. This Kaw Valley .45 ACP bolt grabs your spent brass with an AR-15 style extractor. This is your best possible chance to clear your weapon and get another round in action.

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