• Designed for Semi-Auto 9MM AR-15
  • Compatible with Glock style magazines
  • Black Nitride finish inside and out for excellent wear and weather resistant properties
  • Beefier firing pin retention spring to help lower the likely hood of firing pin breakage
  • Laser engraved with KVP logo


  • Caliber: 9MM
  • Material: 8620 Tool Steel
  • Weight: 14.81 oz.
  • Finish: Black Nitride


  • 9MM AR-15
  • Glock or Colt style magazines

*Many aftermarket drop-in triggers use modified hammers and can be temperamental in Blowback systems. For the most consistent results a Mil-Spec fire control group is recommended. However, in our testing, these aftermarket fire control groups should work in most circumstances: POF, Hiperfire EDT and 24 series, Geissele, Timney, Rock River, and Spike’s Tactical


Do you have a 9mm AR-15 and have conquered the demons that plague the world of blowback design weapons? In that case, you don't need this, however, for the everybody else you should sit up and take notice. These guns are fun, but they can be downright picky. In particular, the 9mm BCG undergoes a lot of stress in the blowback system. You can deal with the aggravation, or you can nip it in the bud with a Kaw Valley 9mm bolt carrier group.

Smooth Cycling Doesn't Mean You Have To Peddle

Pure 9mm blowback systems rely on the mass of the 9mm BCG to provide battery lock-up until the bullet leaves the muzzle. Since the 9mm AR BCG doesn't physically lock closed, the mass of the Kaw Valley 9mm bolt carrier group is vital to the reliable operation of your weapon. The KVP 9mm AR BCG is machined from hardened 8620 steel and easily manages your weapon's kinetic energy for safe cycling every time.

Wear Out Your Competition

Kaw Valley Precision employs a Nitride QPQ process to complete their 9mm BCG. This isn't simply a finish as you will find in a lesser quality BCG, this process changes the surface of the steel creating an entirely new beast. Your new Kaw Valley 9mm bolt is completed with their quench, polish, quench process which endows it with unique properties. You will visually appreciate its superior finish, while physically, you will spend less time scrubbing away the fouling. The Kaw Valley Precision 9mm AR BCG wipes clean, is corrosion resistant, and is indeed tougher than steel. If you're still firing when your opponents gun is broken, eventually you will outshoot them.

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