• Single-stage drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring
  • Gen 3 design
  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube providing smooth and quiet operation
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Adjustable spring weight
  • For A1 or A2 style stocks, Fixed Stock to Carbine Spacer is needed. Sold separately

*Main spring can be trimmed at .25 lbs per coil to reduce tension up to a max of 12 coils.


  • Actual Weight (Complete System):
    • Standard Carbine: 6.21 oz.
    • Heavy: 6.63 oz.
    • H2: 7.51 oz.
    • H3: 8.47 oz.
    • 9MM: 9.88 oz.
  • Equivalent Buffer Weight:
    • Standard Carbine: 3.3 oz.
    • Heavy: 3.8 oz.
    • H2: 4.7 oz.
    • H3: 5.6
    • 9MM: 6.9 oz.


  • AR-15 with carbine buffer tube


  • 1x Armaspec AR-15 Sound Mitigation Buffer System


So, it’s come to this. Your AR-15 runs out fine, however, it seems just a bit noisy when it cycles. You can compensate and suppress only so much until you have to admit the erroneous clatter is coming from within. When you finally address the elephant in the room, you have to concede that the noise is rubbing you the wrong way. You can take a step towards eliminating the clatter when you install an Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer.

It’s Beyond the Pale of Comparison

Granted, there are a number of ways to quiet the action of your AR, however, they focus mostly on what happens after the shot. The Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer intervenes during the mile-second that the round is fired to eliminate that noise from the action cycling. Armaspec drives past the conventional thought of suppression, into the arena of elimination where noise control is concerned.

Don’t Take Me Down

Armaspec has designed their groundbreaking sound mitigation system to solve your problem from the inside out. They focused on achieving very smooth, quiet operation of your weapon in order to keep all those crazy little noises at bay. At the very heart of your weapon is the buffer tube which gets a great deal of force with every shot fired. The Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer System keeps its buffer spring under control, therefore the buffer spring doesn’t rub against the buffer tube resulting in less noise when fired. Admittedly, no weapon is going to be quiet as a whisper when fired, but you can go a long way to less noise when you choose an Armaspec buffer system.

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