• Unique fluted design with minimum contact points
  • FNC LIFE HD treatment chemically bonds in lubrication for smoother cycling
  • H4 is intended for suppressed use


  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Finish: FNC LIFE HD
  • Weight:
    • H2: ~4.5 oz.
    • H3: ~5.5 oz.
    • H4: ~6.9 oz.
  • Length: 3.25"


  • AR-15


Not all firearms components are created equally. Even something as seemingly simple as a buffer can perform at a new level if someone pays more attention to their design. The next evolution of AR buffer is here. The Primary Weapons Systems Enhanced Steel Body Buffer is more than just a chunk of metal that slams back and forth at the mercy of a sooty explosion.

Not Your Average Joe

The PWS Mod 2 Steel Body Buffer line is designed with a fluted contact surface. This allows the PWS buffer to function more smoothly than its predecessors. It runs on less contact surface so it suffers far less from the effects of friction than a standard buffer. The scalloped design also allows for natural clearance of debris which lets the buffer work more freely for longer than its smooth sided forefathers. The next generation of AR-15 buffer requires a surface that’s better than those that have come before it. This buffer features a next-generation FNC LIFE HD surface treatment. FNC LIFE HD isn’t just some coating that lays on top of the buffer’s steel surface, FNC treatment actually changes the constitution of the outer layer of steel. This surface becomes harder, stronger and has an innate lubricity that won’t fade. FNC Life processing creates a long-wearing surface that suffers less fouling than traditional surface coatings and won’t wear through, chip or fade away before it’s time.

There Is Always One That Fits You

The PWS buffer is available in a variety of weights to fill your specific needs in a number of different applications. Choose a standard weight 4.5-ounce H2 Buffer for your everyday AR-15 buffer needs. If you need a little more weight to assure proper operation of your system, choose the H3 buffer. It comes in a full ounce heavier than the H2 Buffer allowing for smoother function of a system under greater pressure. The H4 is the heaviest buffer offered by PWS, and is intended for suppressed use.

The PWS buffer truly is the next evolution of the AR-15 Buffer. Its design and execution are smarter, designed and treated for flawless function without requiring a lot of system maintenance. The PWS Mod 2 Steel Buffer, Because It's Time.

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