MPN: 4093-BK


  • Reduced grip angle designed for compact shooting positions and PDWs
  • Rigid Polymer construction
  • Shape and textured for maximum handling and control


  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Width: 1.26"
  • Length: 1.88"
  • Height: 4.22"


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x ERGO SHINES Rigid AR Grip
  • 1x Pistol Grip Bolt
  • 1x Star Washer
  • 1x Gapper


Any quality AR rifle needs to have good ergonomics, and one of the most important parts of your rifle that affects its ergonomics is the grip. The proper grip makes your rifles more comfortable and controllable and allows you to maneuver your weapon easily.

Excellent For CQB

The ERGO SHINES Rigid AR Grip is an excellent option for any AR rifle, and it is especially ideal for a home defense weapon. The ERGO SHINES Rigid AR Grip has a reduced grip angle, which allows you to hold the rifle more comfortably in compact positions since your elbow is naturally tucked in close to your body because of the low angle.

Built To Last

The grip has a straight design, without any finger grooves, and has aggressive stippling to improve grip. The construction of the ERGO SHINES Rigid AR Grip is very solid. It is made from high-strength Polymer and has a lightweight design.

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