Velocity Classic Drop-In AR Trigger

Velocity Classic Drop-In AR Trigger

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  • A high quality AR-15 trigger that makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle
  • Nice, crisp, clean feel
  • Complete Drop-in Assembly
  • Compatible with .22, .223/5.56mm, .30 cal
  • Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated trigger shoe - low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness
  • Available in curved and straight trigger shoe


  • Material: Heat Treated Tool Steel Trigger and Sear with 6061-T6 CNC Aluminum Housing
  • Finish:
    • Housing: Anodized Green
    • Trigger Shoe: Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
  • Type: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight: 3-lb or 4-lb
  • Trigger Style: Curved Trigger
  • Pin Size: Small Pin (.154)


  • Most .308 and .223 AR style platforms

Will not work on AR-15 that have pins .168-.174" in diameter.


When you’re looking for a single unit trigger for the AR platform, there are quite a few options on the market that are worth a look. For those of us who want the best possible blend of trigger weight options, trigger shoe styles, and need to get the most out of our investments, the field gets a little narrower. Wing Tactical understands that you need quality and great value, and they work with some great manufacturers to bring you solid options that won’t put you in the poor house. When you choose a Velocity AR Trigger from Wing Tactical, you’ll get the trigger you’ve always wanted at a price that makes it a great value, not a luxury purchase.

Choose Your Velocity AR Trigger Style and Pull Weight

Wing Tactical offers the Velocity Triggers AR Trigger in two distinct models, each with a different trigger shoe design so you can choose whichever one is most comfortable for you because when you’re comfortable, you’re a better shooter. Choose your Velocity drop in trigger with a curved trigger for the feel you’re used to in sporting and most Mil-Spec triggers. If you’re used to a competition style straight trigger shoe and find you have more control with one, the Classic comes with that option too. Whichever shoe style you like best, you can have your cake and eat it too, because either Classic AR Trigger option is available in a Velocity 3lb trigger or a heavier 4lb trigger.

Velocity Drop-In Trigger: Clean, Smooth Action and Crisp Break

Velocity AR Triggers are designed and manufactured with the shooter in mind. There’s no grit or odd creep that so many affordable triggers force you to put up with. You’ll enjoy the comfort and sure firing accuracy of your favorite sports rifle when you equip a Velocity 3lb trigger or the 4lb model with either shoe style. Velocity drop in triggers are a perfect fit for your .22, .223/5.56, and 30 caliber AR systems. Go ahead buy one from Wing Tactical and Give yourself an edge.

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23 Reviews

  • Perfect!

    Posted by Marcellus on 19th Oct 2021

    I was afraid this was going to happen. After installing this 3 lb, curved, drop in trigger, which took about a few minutes and was extremely easy; I have to upgrade all my triggers. It's one thing to read about how the trigger breaks like glass and how short the reset is, the experience is unlike anything you'll read. If you have more than one rifle, install this and compare it to a mil-spec trigger and you'll feel the difference.

    You cannot beat the price and quality of this trigger and Wing Tactical's shipping was fast! I am going to purchase more soon to replace the rest of my triggers. You cannot go wrong with this!

  • Group shrinking device!

    Posted by ALAN RADER on 12th Aug 2021

    I got my first AR-15 at 15 years old, back in 1974. Never really thought about a new trigger but purchased it, installed it, LOVED it and bought a 2nd one!


    Posted by James Scarpa on 14th Jul 2021

    Installed the 4lb. on my patrol carbine. Excellent! No creep, crisp break and great reset.

  • Excellent choice for AR10-.308

    Posted by James Atkins on 8th Jul 2021

    Really easy to install in comparison to most other drop in triggers that you have to move springs out of the way. No FTF’s
    Smooth action with 3lb pull , love it ! I now have purchased 3 !

  • velocity trigger

    Posted by allen traylor on 17th Jan 2021

    500 rds later , still no issues.

  • velocity trigger

    Posted by william on 9th Sep 2020

    Pretty easy installation. Maybe improving directions for the novice might increase sales. Good service and quality product. Haven't shot it yet. However, tests ok and MOST importantly, safety is operational.

  • AR Trigger

    Posted by Jason on 7th Sep 2020

    Great lower-end trigger. Very smooth.

  • Velocity 3# trigger

    Posted by Allister Baker on 17th Aug 2020

    This is a fantastic self-contained trigger. This is my fifth one all identical all work exactly as promised. I would definitely buy this again and again.

  • Check this Trigger Out

    Posted by AJ on 11th Jun 2020

    Easy install, pull weight as expected. Worth the purchase.

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