Rise Armament ICONIC Dual-Blade Two-Stage Trigger



  • CleanSplit fully independent two-stage design
  • No doubt second stage wall
  • Have-It-All light pull and crisp break performance
  • Smooth-sliding dual-blade design
  • Distinct icicle crisp & clean trigger break
  • Clear and Quick Reset
  • Wide and comfortable front blade
  • Safety-first hammer hold and StrongArm hammer springs
  • Self-contained drop-in design makes it easy to install with no fine-tuning needed
  • Aerospace tolerances
  • Comes with Anti-walk pins





  • Material: Heat Treated S7 Tool Steel Trigger and Sear with 6061-T6 CNC Aluminum Housing
  • Finish: Flat Dark Earth, ICONIC Green, or Graphite Gray
  • Type: Two Stage
  • 1st Stage Pull Weight: 1-lb
  • 2nd Stage Pull Weight: 2-lb
  • Trigger Style: Curved Trigger
  • Pin Size: Small Pin (.154)


  • AR-15 / AR-10 platforms

*Will not work on AR-15 that have pins .168-.174" in diameter.


  • 1x Rise Armament ICONIC Trigger
  • 1x Anti-Walk Pin Kit


Stock triggers on most AR rifles are decent, and they get the job done for home defense or hunting. However, if you want a smooth, light, and crisp trigger, either for competition or long-range shooting, you need to check out the Rise Armament ICONIC Trigger.

CleanSplit Fully Independent Two-Stage Design

This unique trigger is one of its kind and easily one of the best options in the market. The Rise Armament ICONIC Trigger is an independent two-stage trigger with a very light pull and a crisp break. The first stage has a weight of 1 lb, and then you hit a solid wall with a crips break at 2 lbs, resulting in a clean trigger pull.

Quicker Follow-Up Shots

The reset on the Rise Armament ICONIC Trigger is also very clear and quick. You can positively feel when the trigger resets and hear it as well. This helps you shoot fast, which is ideal for competition shooting.

The trigger has a curved, dual blade design, and the pull is quite consistent no matter when your finger rests. Installing the Rise Armament ICONIC Trigger is also very easy since it has a Self-contained drop-in design

Despite being absolutely light, this trigger is quite safe. It features a safety-first hammer hold, which drastically decreases the chances of accidental discharge. Moreover, the dual blade design also helps with safety.

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