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RISE Armament triggers and accessories

RISE Armament

If you’re looking to hook up with an All-American manufacturer of first quality firearm components, RISE Armament is exactly the company you want on your team. RISE makes its home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. RISE is a company of gun guys who made their own dreams come true when they flipped the switch and went from working hard and making the occasional gun to making guns their lives’ work. They work hard and play hard and share the core values that made this country great. RISE takes pride in providing real Americans with the Tier 1 products firearm components that feature quality that reflects the passion and commitment of the RISE Armament team. At Wing Tactical, we’re proud to partner with RISE Armament to bring you their best offerings. When we place a RISE Armament Trigger for sale on our site, we offer it to you because we’re all on the same mission.

RISE Armament triggers

RISE to a Higher Standard

When you’ve got a group of machinist and engineers who are also marksmen, armorers and hunters manufacturing parts for the oil and aerospace industries, it’s pretty likely that they’re going to pick up a few tricks to bring to the table when they start making gun parts. RISE did just that but in a pretty big way. While every firearms manufacturer needs to adhere to certain standards, RISE does better. RISE holds all of their manufacturing processes and quality assurance specs to the same standards as the aerospace industry. Nobody said they had to maintain strict AS9100 and ISO9001 certified procedures to make firearm components, but those are the best practices the team at RISE knows and they’d never give you anything less than their best.

RISE Makes It Better

Mil-spec is great…As a starting point. We all know what to expect from Mil-Spec parts, but in the end, we know that in a lot of cases there’s a better way to do things. RISE Armament chooses the best materials for every component they manufacture, making a lot of “better than Mil-spec” choices along the way. That results in stronger, longer lasting, more advanced components than those that just stick to Mil-Spec guidelines. Whether it’s a nickel boron bolt carrier group, a .308 muzzle brake or a fine RISE Armament trigger for sale on our site, you know that RISE puts not only the work but the heart and soul into their parts that it takes to impress us at Wing Tactical.