• Includes 1 short and 2 long levers
  • Drop-in Ambidextrous replacement
  • 90-degree standard throw operation
  • Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Silver
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Material:
    • Center Core: Steel
    • Selector Level: Aluminum
  • Selector Lever Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.52 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x F1 Firearms 90-Degree Center Core
  • 2x Long Levers
  • 1x Short Lever
  • 2x Safety Selector Detents
  • 1x Safety Selector Spring
  • 2x Hex Screws


In the wonderful world of modifications for your AR-15, two stand out. One is the fire control assembly, and the other is the safety selector. You will stroke one, the other, or both every time you shoulder your weapon. Now, triggers are a bit pricey, but a safety selector is a cost-effective upgrade that you will use time and again. An F-1 ambi safety selector is a must-have upgrade for any serious shooter.

A Dangerous Safety

At times, a factory safety selector can be hard to engage positively. In the heat of the moment, you have to know whether or not your weapon is safe. Second chances usually don't come cheap. Installing an F-1 Firearms AR-15 safety selector kit is the low-cost insurance you need instead of that second chance you can't afford. Sure, you can screw on an aftermarket selector that may work on your setup, but what if it doesn't. An F-1 Firearms AR-15 safety selector kit gives you a set of matched parts designed to work in your gun. A quality kit is better than oops, I'm sorry.

One Of These Days

The only guarantee we have in life is that things change. Maybe you never used an ambi safety selector or even thought about it. Then the time comes you have to shoot from your weak side. This odd position could be from injury or field conditions. It doesn't matter. If you haven't practiced, it will matter. This situation is where an ambi safety selector is crucial. Additionally, the profile of the F-1 Firearms AR-15 safety selector makes its manipulation a breeze. A little practice with the F-1, and you'll be ready for anything.

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Reviews (3)

  • Looks very nice and works well

    Posted by Anthony Rolando on 21st Apr 2021

    The ambi safety works well and looks very nice

  • Good looking

    Posted by Mark on 13th Apr 2021

    I installed this safety on my Aero Precision lower. The fits and finish are perfect. Very crisp detent click. For the quality, I think the price is just right.

  • F-1Firearms ambi safety selector kitF-1

    Posted by Patrick B Walls on 9th Apr 2021

    I had some pretty high hopes up when I ordered. Number one, the barrel is brass, not black. Number two, it's a terrible fit. A big gap on either side, like they measured some no mil spec product or didn't even measure at all. My ambi safety was a great fit. I would almost rather install the factory black one, at least it fits properly.

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