• Large diamond texture for positive engagement
  • Drop in upgrade for Mil-Spec AR-15
  • ArmorBlak coated for durability and smooth operation


  • Material: Metal injection molded (MIM)
  • Finish: ArmorBlack
  • Weight: 0.55 oz.

*Unlike Melonite, the ArmorBlak coating does not affect the heat treatment of the part thus providing less visible wear and greater strength.


  • Mil-Spec AR-15 upper and lower receivers

**Due to the larger paddle area on this Enhanced Bolt Catch, it might not fit some billet upper and lower receivers.


If you’d like to experience smoother bolt operation and improve the functionality of your AR-15, consider upgrading your factory-installed catch to the Enhanced Bolt Catch by Seekins Precision. From billet lowers to muzzle devices to barrels, Seekins Precision has been creating products of the highest quality since its founding in 2006. Your rifle need never suffer from a poorly-made part when outfitted with Seekins products.

The bolt catch / bolt release of your AR-15 plays an important part in the operation of your firearm. When your magazine is emptied, the catch locks the bolt back so you can reload. The catch also permits you to release the bolt when you're ready to resume firing.

This bolt catch by Seekins Precision features an aggressive diamond pattern for positive finger engagement. The bottom portion of the catch features this diamond pattern as well, making it simpler to manually lock the bolt. The metal-injected molding process (MIM) allows the catch to be made of a proprietary material which is stronger than the Mil-Spec version. The catch also features the Seekins-exclusive ArmorBlak coating for increased strength and longevity. Why settle for a factory-installed catch? Order your enhanced bolt catch today and experience the Seekins difference.

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