• For 5.56 and 9mm Dragon Advance Muzzle Brakes
  • Unique 'through' ports that connect the muzzle brakes vertical vents to the outside atmosphere
  • Gen2 system utilizes Disruptive Venting, two Trefoil threaded ports disrupt gas flow and reduce vertical flash signature while still allowing the device within the BMD to control muzzle rise
  • Concussive muzzle blast is directed forwards
  • Radial teeth at the exit aperture help to disrupt blast gas at it exits the device
  • All mounting hardware included

*LANTAC Dragon Advance Muzzle Brake NOT included.



  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 9mm
  • Material: 4140 CMV Steel
  • Finish: QPQ Nitride
  • Length: 2.76"
  • Outer Diameter: 1.49"
  • Inner Diameter: 1.36"
  • Weight: 7.65 oz.


**For DGN762B .308/7.62 / 300BLK Brakes you will need the LANTAC BMD Blast Mitigation Device with A3 Adapter Collar.

**Will NOT function with pinned & welded LANTAC Dragon Brakes.


  • 1x Gen 2 Blast Mitigation Device
  • 1x A2 Adapter Collar
  • 1x Timing Shim Kit
  • 1x Loctite


Lantac Blast Mitigation Device Gen2 Fitment



The problem with many great muzzle brake is that they create a situation where concussive muzzle blast can be truly punishing. Managing that muzzle blast has often meant compromising the effectiveness of your compensator or brake device. Rather than putting their customers between a rock and a hard place, LANTAC has come up with an answer. The LANTAC Blast Mitigation Device is an add-on device for use with their legendary Dragon Muzzle Brakes.

LANTAC BMD Gen 2 Helps You Tame The Beast

The LANTAC BMD allows the popular Dragon Advance Muzzle Brakes to manage gasses as they were intended. The LANTAC blast mitigation device features ports that allow the muzzle brake’s vertical vents to vent directly through the mitigation device to the outside air. This keeps the barrel down where it belongs even as the LANTAC BMD controls punishing concussion by pushing the majority of muzzle blast force down range, away from the operator and anyone standing nearby. Teeth arranged around the device’s opening help to dissipate gasses further.

The LANTAC blast mitigation device even improves your muzzle control beyond the more than adequate performance the Dragon muzzle device was capable on its own. Specially placed diffuser grids on the top side of the device help to direct expelled gasses upward in addition to forward mitigation for even greater control of every shot.

Ready To Go

The LANTAC BMD is supplied with everything you need to apply it to your Dragon Muzzle Brake from full instructions and the adapter collar, right down to timing shims to time your muzzle device so it will be positioned the way desire.

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