MPN: KVP-7.5 / KVP-10oz


  • Use in 9MM, 10MM, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP blowback AR systems
  • Increases dwell time in blowback pistol caliber AR-15 setups
  • 7 oz model is made from solid stainless steel - eliminates annoying buffer "rattle"
  • 10 oz model is ideal for suppressed weapon
  • Increases reciprocation mass and weapon reliability
  • Reduces wear of critical internal action parts
  • Reduces felt recoil


  • Material:
    • 7.5 oz Model: Solid Stainless Steel
    • 10 oz Model: Stainless Steel Body with Tungsten Weight
  • Finish: Raw Stainless Steel
  • Actual Weight:
    • 7.5 oz Model: 7.3 - 7.7 oz.
    • 10 oz Model: 10.3 - 10.7 oz
  • Length: 4.107"


  • Carbine length buffer tube with pistol caliber bolt


Are you ready to fine-tune your blowback style AR-15 in pistol caliber? You need to begin with upgrading the standard buffer to a Kaw Valley Precision AR15 9mm buffer. Your weapon will fire smoother, last longer and you will enjoy it more.

Quiet in The Back, Please

A pistol caliber AR-15 is just plain fun to shoot, it’s even better when it’s suppressed. A factory buffer doesn't do the trick, therefore, no matter what you put on the front it’s only going to be so quiet. Quiet is a relative term, but when you change to a Kaw Valley 9mm AR buffer you will hear a difference. By increasing the weight of the buffer you slow the action just enough to absorb that excessive rattle and clank. Now your suppressor can do its job. You’ll notice the difference when the rounds purr through your carbine instead of cackling like a chicken.

Smooth Sailing

When you lift your Kaw Valley AR15 9mm buffer from its box you’ll feel precision. Run your fingers over it, no rough edges only smooth transitions from front to back. This AR15 9mm buffer was minted to help you dial in your carbine. Blowback pistol caliber bolt are a bit rough on an AR, therefore, you should give it some help with a Kaw Valley 9mm AR buffer. The extra weight doesn’t hurt the action, it helps your AR carbine digest those rounds you keep feeding it. Kaw Valley Precision designed its 9mm AR buffer specifically for your pistol caliber carbine. If you have a question you don’t have to email someone in another country, you’ll find Wing Tactical and Kaw Valley Precision right here in America so upgrade to KVP today.

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