MPN: SUGB160 / SUGB170


  • Regulates the gas flow by bleeding the gas out of the gas block instead of restricting the gas flow like conventional adjustable blocks
  • Excessive gas bled out of the gas block allow your AR run much cooler and cleaner
  • Safety mechanism prevent adjustment screw unintentionally back all the way out
  • Attaches to barrel with two set screws
  • Gas block can be adjusts from the front with a 3/32" Hex Key (no included)
  • Gas port can be fully closed
  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Allow user to fine tune their gas system


  • Material: 416 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Melonite finish
  • Weight:
    • 0.625" Model: 1.66 oz.
    • 0.750" Model: 1.68 oz.
  • Height: 1.37"
  • Length: 1"
  • Width: 0.904"
  • Internal Diameter: 0.750" or 0.625"


  • Any AR-15 and AR-10 barrel that has a .625" or .750" diameter at the gas port area.


  • 1x Spike's Tactical Enhanced Adjustable Micro Gas Block
  • 2x Set Screws


Gas tuning has come into its own. Everyone out there knows that to really be competitive you need to optimize the way your rifle operates. You need enough gas pressure for the action to operate fully, but too much makes for an unwieldy weapon that doesn’t stay on target without a fight. One of the best options available to the serious shooter of gas operated weapon systems is an adjustable gas block. The major problem with most adjustable gas blocks is that they’re a little on the bulky side. That just doesn’t work if you’re a fan of sleek, low profile hand guards. What you need is the best of both worlds. That’s something that this Spikes adjustable gas block can deliver.

Spikes Adjustable Gas Block is a gas tuner’s dream come true. Not only does this ultra-low profile gas block fit under almost any hand guard, but it’s adjustable so you can get the best possible performance from your rifle no matter what weight buffer you’re using.

Spikes adjustable gas block is easy to apply to your build. Simply put it in place and tighten two set screws and you’re in business. One applied and plumbed, the Spike’s Tactical Enhanced Adjustable Micro Gas Block is easy to adjust, even in the field. Adjustments are easily accessed from the front, so you won’t have to take your hand guard off to change how your gas block is tuned. Simply turn the set screw clockwise (tighten) to reduce the gas allowed to the bolt carrier group or loosen it (counter clockwise) to allow more gas to the BCG.

Like all Spike’s Tactical products Spikes adjustable gas block is machined from quality U.S. made steel. The Micro Adjustable Gas Block is precision crafted from 416 Stainless and given a durable melonite finish that will blend flawlessly with all your Mil-Spec black components.

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