• Made from High Temp Polymer
  • Covers 5 KeyMod holes
  • Multiple textures to choose from - aggressive texture for traction
  • Superior grip and heat protection to your KeyMod rail
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Grey
  • Made in U.S.A.

*Scales are ordered by 3 panel*


  • Material: High Temp Polymer
  • Weight: 0.35 oz.
  • Width: 0.62"
  • Length: 3.94
  • Thickness: 0.145"


  • Any KeyMod system


  • 3x KeyMod HTP RailScales


When you get tired of burning your hands on your KeyMod rails you need a better grip on your KeyMod handguard. In a world of KeyMod panels, you won’t do any better than RailScales KeyMod HTP scales. They look and feel great and let you burn through ammo without burning a hole in your wallet.

Good Looking and Great Value KeyMod Panels

Choosing cost over quality should never be in your vocabulary. KeyMod rail panels deliver both, and more. These RailScales KeyMod panels are molded from a high-temp polymer giving you a strong, lightweight product, that you can expect to last for years. The people at RailScales deliver an American made product at a price much lower than you would expect. They pack a ton of attention to detail into all of the KeyMod HTP Scales they produce.

Which KeyMod Rail Panels Will You Choose?

You can have a set of easy to install KeyMod rail panels, custom designed for your KeyMod rail system, or wrestle with a cheap knockoff. You can enjoy the choice of four cool colors the KeyMod panels offer. They come in either a Honeycomb or Dragon Scale pattern to match your rifles' design. You can order a set of KeyMod rail panels and know they will fit perfectly the first time, and every time. Or, you can order from one of cheap knockoff and roll the dice. You might just get lucky, I’d rather get my RailScales Polymer KeyMod HTP scales and be sure, I think you would too.

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