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Do you remember the Handguard that came on the original M-16? Yes, it was somewhat functional, however, the words visually appealing would probably not be the first to come to mind and lightweight would come after that. In 2014 Rail Scales decided to revolutionize the world of handgrips and create a high-quality, comfortable, sure grip product unlike any other available.

Get A Grip

By researching the market needs for an efficient, lightweight, durable Handguard the RailScales product line was created. Drawing on real-world experience as machinists and shooters, actual answers were found to problems that real shooters faced. Primarily, one needed a way to hold onto the weapon, even while excessive heat build-up occurred. Up until this point, there were handguards available, however, they were either bulky or difficult to keep tight on the weapon. Rail Scales responded to the issue by building off of the M-LOK and KeyMod rail system. Smaller, individual panels were employed to allow the shooter the luxury of manipulating the grip placement where it was needed. Initially with slim choices, today, RailScales offers a number of texture patterns and sizes to match the shooters taste. Their Karve Handstops, forward grips, and Leaf sight systems were subsequently added to the Rail Scales lineup ushering in a whole new level of weapon control.

Improving Form and Function

Every product that Rail Scales add to their lineup is developed with the same parameters in mind. First, every new component developed must yield high-performance, bar none. It must fulfill a shooters needs and then RailScales begins the design from there. This is a far different approach than some companies take when they come up with a product and try to build a market around it. Rail Scales doesn’t make parts, they solve problems. Every Rail Scales product is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Oklahoma, the center of America. RailScales manufactures parts out of aluminum, titanium, high-temp polymer, as well as their original G-10 knife scale material. So, regardless of your weapons motif or your personal tastes, you’re sure to find a Rail Scales product to satisfy your needs.