Aero Precision Replacement Spring / Detent Oops Kit (AR-15 / AR-10)

Aero Precision Replacement Spring / Detent Oops Kit (AR-15 / AR-10)

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MPN: APRH101627


  • Fits all standard lower receivers
  • Features the most commonly lost parts
  • High quality with competitive pricing


  • AR-15, AR-10, M4E1 and M5


  • 2x Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • 2x Buffer Retainer
  • 2x Buffer Retainer Spring
  • 2x Safety Selector Detent
  • 2x Safety Selector Detent Spring
  • 4x Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent
  • 4x Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Spring
  • 2x Trigger/Hammer Pin
  • 2x Disconnector Spring
  • 2x 4-40 Set Screw (for threaded takedown in detent hole)
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14 Reviews

  • Oops kit for AR

    Posted by Joseph on 10th May 2020

    Theses oops parts are really good and affordable .

  • OOPS Kit

    Posted by William on 5th May 2020

    This is a must have. Nothing more frustrating than searching for dropped small parts. Wing Tactical always has great prices and fast shipping!

  • Will buy again

    Posted by Bobby on 30th Apr 2020

    Great quality

  • Great product

    Posted by Mat mc on 25th Apr 2020

    great insurance to have around when you shoot a takedown pin detent spring across the room

  • Good project

    Posted by Bobby on 19th Apr 2020

    Great product! Fast shipping!

  • everything i needed

    Posted by Bob on 12th Apr 2020

    shipped fast

  • spare parts kit

    Posted by Albert Dodd on 9th Apr 2020

    great parts selection especily the two screws that are needed to put together aero enhanced lower

  • spring and detent kit

    Posted by Shawn on 6th Apr 2020

    Everything works great and they give you a decent amount of parts for the price. I would rather see a couple other parts instead of the trigger pins. I usually get them with the trigger already. Would be nice if the plunger and spring for the bolt catch were included.

  • I haven't used it but it looks like a well thought out kit. Nice to have around

    Posted by David Foster on 9th Feb 2020

    I would by again

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