KNS Precision Gen JJ .154 Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins

KNS Precision Gen JJ .154 Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins

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  • Stainless steel pins
  • Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your irreplaceable receiver
  • Pin installation tool & 2 Torx wrenches included
  • No modification to firearm required during installation
  • Available in Black and stainless-steel finish


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride or Raw Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 0.39 oz.
  • Side Plate Thickness: 0.123"
  • Pin Diameter: 0.154"


  • AR-15 and AR-10

**The external width of some AR receivers may vary in the trigger/hammer pin area depending on the manufacturer. These pins may be shortened a small amount by carefully filing material evenly from both ends of the pins, but being too long will not affect the function or performance.

**The maximum torque Spec on the screw is 11 inch/lbs. (Over-torquing the screws can cause damage to these sideplates)


  • 1x Trigger Pin
  • 1x Hammer Pin
  • 2x Anti-Rotating Side Plates
  • 2x Set Screws
  • 2x Torx Wrenches
  • 1x Pin installation tool


For the strongest non-rotating trigger & hammer pins on the market, you need look no further than the KNS Precision Gen JJ pin set. This multi-colored pin set is designed to withstand the force of high-powered weapons from fully-automatic 9mm AR platform carbines to suppressed AR-15, as well as .308 AR rifles.

Your trigger assembly is one of the most frequently used parts of your rifle. A trigger that is faulty or that exhibits “creep” can make it difficult for you to fire your rifle effectively. In a competitive or tactical situation, you may find that you are unable to accurately gauge when your weapon is about to fire if your trigger pull features large amounts of creep.In situations like these, an upgraded trigger and hammer pins are necessary.

These pins are made from stainless steel to ensure their durability and quality for years to come. The anti-creep retainers will help you avoid the competitive and tactical shooter’s worst enemy – a trigger that fails to “break like glass.” The anti-creep retainers will also help preserve the integrity of your rifle’s receiver.

The installation kit comes complete with a pin installation tool and two Torx wrenches for a painless installation. Order your kit today for the strongest anti-walk pins you can buy. If you are looking for the strongest anti-walk pins that will last you years and years to come, go ahead and order the KNS Precision Gen JJ .154 Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins today!

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9 Reviews

  • KNS Precision Gen JJ .154 Non-Rotating Trigger & Hammer Pins

    Posted by Patrick B Walls on 9th Apr 2021

    They show two wrenches but I only received one. You need two wrenches to put this together due to the lock tight. This is my second set of KNS pins and I liked the first ones and I like these ones. I will definitely buy them again.

  • Anti rotate pins ar15

    Posted by JAMES on 15th Apr 2020

    Easy to install, look great and well made!

  • KNS trigger pins

    Posted by John Impellizeri on 23rd Dec 2019

    Fitment was great, looks good to.

  • Nice finish

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2017

    Looks really nice and has a very good smooth finish. Easy to install and looks good on my lower AR.

  • Looks so good and works even better

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2017

    I love how it looks and locks down the pins. I would buy it again for my next build

  • I dig it!

    Posted by Abs on 30th Jun 2017

    I love these KNS trigger pins. This is the second pair I've purchased and just like the previous set, they installed flawlessly and fit perfectly. The kit was complete with everything you need. The parts and finish were perfect. I installed them in my Aero Precision lower along with an Elftmann Tactical ELF Service trigger and it fit together like it was Legos. You can't go wrong with these.

  • Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Apr 2016

    Great product. Looks great on my Lower as well. Installs in less than 5 mins with no problems. Does not work win the odin mag release I wanted to use but thats no big deal. I would highly recommend this product

  • High Quality

    Posted by Richard on 21st Apr 2016

    These are high quality parts that look amazing, exactly what I was looking for on my build. Fit was perfect. I would highly recommend them.

  • Excellent product

    Posted by Anthony G. on 29th Mar 2016

    The KNS pins were easy to install, they look great, and best of all they prevent movement of your trigger pins.

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