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KNS Precision Products

About KNS Precision

KNS Precision, Inc. was founded in the summer of 1999 by two friends, one a master machinist, the other a firearms enthusiast. The two friends shared a vision for designed firearms products to help gun owners find what they need for the AR15/M16 platforms. The company experienced overwhelming success right from the beginning and has earned the respect of the industry with innovative designs and stellar customer service. KNS Precision is currently owned by a military veteran and local police sergeant who was the law enforcement and military representative since 2002. KNS is well-known for producing high-quality sights, lower receiver parts and tools.

KNS Precision Products

The KNS Non-rotating trigger and hammer pin set is the strongest set of pins available for purchase today. These pins were specifically designed to withstand the high impact of 9mm and .223 suppressed weapons. These pins are made of stainless steel and arrive with a pin installation tool, two Torx wrenches and screws. Special anti-creep retainers help protect the receiver of your M16 or your AR15 from irreparable wear and tear.

The KSG push button take-down pin and QD sling swivel adapter by KNS Precision, Inc. is designed to enable you to use a QD sling swivel with your KSG. This bull-pup shotgun is suitable for a wide variety of uses, including home defense and law enforcement operations. Installing a QD sling swivel adapter makes the KSG even more versatile for the operator.

The KNS Precision AR15 M16 AR10 SR25 Crosshair Hooded Duplex sight post is one of our highly recommended KNS Precision AR-15 parts. If you’re looking for a replacement sight for your AR-15 or for a similar type of weapon, this is definitely the one to have. It easily screws into your existing firearm’s front sight with no special tools of any kind required, making it one of the simplest KNS Precision parts to install.

The highly visible duplex crosshair design makes lining up that perfect bullseye nearly effortless, and long-distance shots that were once a challenge may become surprisingly easier. Because we know how important it is to protect your KNS Precision AR-15 parts from handling damage and inclement weather, this sight is hooded with a tough brass housing that shields your sight from unexpected potential damage. As with all KNS precision parts, this is an accessory that many of our own gun owners swear by.

Superior Design and Quality

As many gun enthusiasts already know, when it comes to pin sets, sights and related items, KNS Precision AR-15 parts and other KNS Precision parts for firearms are synonymous with superior design and quality and have been for nearly twenty years. They’re also highly affordable, and when you order through Wing Tactical, they arrive quickly and are easily returned should you in any way be dissatisfied with your purchase.

However, we think you will not only be very pleased with your KNS Precision parts, but you’ll want to order more of them for as many suitable firearms as you possess.

The strong traditions of KNS Precision have continued to this day. KNS remains committed to the expansion of company growth, product description and excellent customer service.