MPN: Safety Detent


  • Machined from quality stainless steel
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride


  • AR-15 and AR-10


There are a lot of small parts involved in the average AR build. Tiny pins, springs, and detent pins can end up misplaced when you’re working. That can cause a huge headache. Every one of those little pieces is crucial to the operation of the weapon system. Something as simple as a single detent pin can hold up an entire build. Thankfully, the days of having to replace an entire safety assembly because of a lost safety selector detent pin are over. KNS Precision offers their Stainless Steel Safety Selector Detent to the small arms market as an individual piece, available to ship today.

No More Scrounging

In the past, if you needed a safety selector detent, you might have to buy an entire safety selector kit or you were going to have to scrounge one from the realm of retained parts from tear downs. If you were lucky, you could find a safety detent leftover from a discarded safety group that had been the victim of an upgrade. Wing Tactical and KNS precision eliminate the scrounging and over buying of excess parts by offering the KNS Precision Stainless Steel Safety Detent Pin as a single production piece ready to ship.

American Construction Safety Selector Detent Pin You Can Count On

When you purchase a KNS Precision Stainless Steel Safety Detent you get a quality safety detent pin that’s been machined with the same care as every other product KNS Precision offers. KNS doesn’t relax their standards. Every part they offer to the market is top notch. The KNS Stainless Safety Detent is machined from American stainless steel and undergoes an additional hardening process. Single parts don’t have to be a compromise. Choose a quality American Made detent you can rely on.

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