• Compatibility with all Mil-Spec AR-15 receivers
  • Easy drop in design
  • Super lightweight
  • Aggressive diamond texture for positive contact
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: S7 Tool Steel
  • Finish: Black Ionbond or NP3
  • Weight: 0.32 oz.


  • AR-15


  • 1x V Seven S7 Bolt Catch


When addressing possible upgrades to your AR-15 the list can seem endless. Admittedly, some upgrades are made just because you want them, while others bring spartan usefulness to your weapon. While not flashy, the bolt catch comes into play with every magazine change. When you change to a V7 Ultra-light Bolt Catch every mag swap will go smoother, and you will get faster.

It’s Just A Little More

The paddle on a standard bolt catch is easy to miss when you’re in a hurry and those seconds trying to find it can add up. Your V Seven Ultra-light S7 Bolt Catch sports a larger paddle, therefore, even if you have big old paws you’re sure to find it on the first try. Whether your style is to sweep or slap, the diamond-textured surface of its paddle guarantees positive contact and release of your bolt carrier group back into action. Admittedly, this is a case where a little more happens to be just right.

It’s Built for Action

The V Seven Ultra-light S7 Bolt Catch is machined from very durable S7 tool steel and was designed to last a lifetime. There aren’t many upgrades you can make to your AR-15 and know that this is the last one I will ever have to buy for this weapon. Of course, it does look right, but looks come in second to function, and the V7 Ultra-Light Bolt Catch scores a win on both fronts. Whether you’re in a timed competition or a firefight shaving precious seconds off a mag swap can make the difference in a win or maybe your life.

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