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At the heart of American innovation, you'll find V Seven Weapon Systems, where they turn lightweight titanium into top-notch firearm components. With a foundation in shooting sports passion, V Seven prioritizes precision, reliability, and quality in each meticulously crafted part, setting an industry standard for innovation.


V Seven Weapon Systems

Every once in a while, a company comes along and simply gets it right. V7 Weapon Systems began with a passion to build high-quality firearms and components that are lighter and stronger than what was currently available. V7 weapons competitive drive led to the development of a vast array of premium AR parts to fill the discriminating shooter’s needs. A company cannot be everything that everyone wants, however, V Seven successfully fills a market niche that a number of shooters need.

Dedication to Excellence

V7 Weapon Systems have committed themselves to live on the cutting edge of quality AR parts. Using the Mil-Spec parts as a launch pad, V Seven took things to the next level. Consequently, they chose to incorporate high-tech lightweight material in the design parameters for their product line. Moving forward with state-of-the-art machining methods V7 weapons create flawless parts that, to a gun enthusiast are works of art. V7 Weapon Systems constantly are working on evolving AR parts, making them lighter and stronger, therefore, delivering a more efficient product to the shooter. All this craftsmanship and technology does come with a price, and V Seven is certainly not a bargain basement company. This is one case where you definitely get what you pay for. When you get top quality parts you only have to pay for them once, if you go cheap you will save a bit up front, however, the cost adds up over time.

Carry Less and Play More

Even if you're not going for an ultra-light build, V7 weapons parts will benefit your game. One common malady shared by all out-of-the-box AR rifles is weight and V Seven parts are weight savers. Using advanced lightweight metals will make moving around with your weapon much easier. The rising popularity of fast-paced three-gun competitions makes this more of an issue than ever before. Although, V7 weapons creates ultra-light parts they’re still super strong. They can take a hit and not fail, unlike many of their heavier competitors. Whether it’s a new build or an upgrade, V Seven can help you make it better.