• Modern upgrade in both design and appearance
  • Approximately 45% lighter than a Mil-Spec steel port door
  • Titanium plunger secured by a stainless roll pin
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Available in 3 designs to fit your style:
    • Air
    • Classic
    • Designer


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Weight:
    • Air Model: 0.24 oz.
    • Classic Model: 0.29 oz.
    • Designer Model: 0.28 oz.


  • Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper


  • 1x V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 Port Door

*Does not come with a port door rod.


Do you ever get tired of people having to flaunt their designer clothes or cars? Okay, I guess those things have a place but I dare say that place is not on your rifle. When you get around to changing the ugliest part of your AR-15, that would be the port door, you don't want a standard or designer part. You should go right for the elite V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 Port Door.

Why V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 Port Door? Because A Corvette Shouldn't Wear Hubcaps

Whether you're going for an ultra-light build or a high-end range monster, the last thing you want is a standard, stamped steel ejection port door glaring out at you. Granted, the weight savings is measured in grams on a component such as the V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 Port Door. However, when you can shave off a bit here and there it all adds up in the end. When you're no longer playing just for fun, you choose every part with care. In your heart, you know that your tactical or competition rifle has to be lean and mean. V Seven helps you get there from here.

One is Never Enough

The V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 Port Door isn't simply made to fit, it's engineered to match. Weighing in at about 45 percent less than old-fashioned stamped steel the V7 port door is machined to mil-spec standards. However, you will see that it's streamlined surface flows gracefully with your AR-15s upper. Treat yourself to a top of the line V7 ejection port door and make sure you save this page. Once you experience the V7 quality you will come back for more. Every AR in your collection is going to wind up wearing one of these.

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Reviews (4)

  • It’s great

    Posted by John Ramos on 17th Mar 2022

    Perfect for for the M4e1 upper receiver. Light and looks gooood!

  • Great For WWSD2020 Builds

    Posted by Ben Broughton on 23rd Dec 2021

    This is a pricey billet port door, and it doesn't include a pin and spring, but it's ideal for lightweight builds. Mine went on a WWSD2020 build (KE polymer lower) on an Aero Precision M4E1 no forward assist upper. Couldn't be happier. 16" rifle with mounted red dot comes in at 6.4 pounds unloaded. Super handy!

  • Excellent.

    Posted by Josh on 26th Apr 2021

    This thing is beautiful. So light and crisp. You need one.

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