MPN: 05-145


  • M4 style curved trigger
  • Non-adjustable ~4.5 lb. (pull weight) two-stage combat trigger
  • Allow shooters to have precise and accurate trigger control
  • Cost effective option of the Geissele SSA Trigger
  • Recommended for demanding applications such as Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range shooting


  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Type: 2-Stage
  • 1st Stage Pull Weight: 2.75 to 3 lbs.
  • 2nd Stage Pull Weight: 1.5 to 1.75 lbs.
  • Total Pull Weight: 4.25 lbs. - 4.75 lbs.
  • Pin Size: Small Pin (.154)
  • Trigger Style: Curved Trigger


  • Mil-Spec AR-15

*Not compatible with the Sig MPX/MCX weapons or Pistol Caliber Carbine AR variants.


  • 1x Geissele G2S Hammer
  • 1x Geissele G2S Trigger
  • 1x Disconnector
  • 1x Hammer Spring
  • 1x Trigger Spring
  • 1x Disconnector Spring
  • 2x Trigger/Hammer Pins


The Geissele 2 stage trigger is the perfect option for those of you who are looking for a high-quality 2-Stage trigger. This two-stage trigger is perfect for AR-15s used with law enforcement, home defense and hunting. The Geissele G2S Trigger is made using the same materials as their SSA model with a few structural differences.

Geissele G2S Trigger Is A Cost-Effective Option of The Geissele SSA Trigger

Once the trigger is installed, you will be unable to notice a difference between the SSA and the G2S from the outside of the weapon. In reliability and strength, the two triggers are identical. However, the Geissele 2 stage trigger features a different method of hammer pin retention and the absence of laser markings. The G2S trigger is a cost effective option of the SSA model.

High-Quality Geissele 2-Stage Trigger

Installation of this Geissele G2S Trigger is quick and simple. While it is not a true “drop-in” product, installation can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. With a crisp burnt-bacon break, the trigger will give you a silky-smooth performance through both stages. If you need a high-quality replacement for a factory Mil-Spec trigger on your AR rifle, this product will get the job done.

At ~4.5 pounds, this trigger is certainly not a hair trigger. The first stage is set at ~3 pounds, while the second stage is set at ~1.5 pounds. You will be amazed at the difference after you swap out your standard trigger for this Geissele Trigger. You may even find that your accuracy has improved after you test it out. If you want quality, performance and durability, consider the Geissele G2S Triger for you AR platform rifles.

*All trigger pull-weights are approximates.

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