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Geissele Automatics is a Pennsylvania based manufacturer of rifle parts and accessories. Geissele triggers are designed for use by shooters who require the most accurate, reliable triggers available. There are Geissele triggers appropriate for tactical and real combat situations as well as those that are exactly what the competitive shooter needs.

Geissele Trigger

Geissele’s Hi-Speed National Match Trigger was Bill Geissele’s answer to the demands of CMP and NRA Hi-Power Rifle competitions. Geissele’s ultra-precise, lightning-fast trigger did not go unnoticed by military armorers. It wasn’t long until he was approached to provide a design for a select-fire trigger that provided performance as good as that of the Hi-speed. The resulting trigger, the Geissele Super Select-Fire trigger is not only the favorite M4 platform trigger for much of the U.S. Armed Forces Special Operations Community. Bringing the best features of the SSF to civilians and the Law Enforcement Community, the Super Semi-Automatic Geissele trigger is a 2 stage trigger that offers awesome performance and reliability with a more forgiving trigger pull.

Geissele Charging Handle

More Than Just Triggers

In addition to triggers, Geissele has broadened its reach into a line of tools designed to make the armorer’s job easier and more efficient. One such tool, the Geissele Reaction Rod is designed to hold the upper receiver of a firearm safely during the installation and removal of barrels, gas blocks and muzzle devices without compromising the safety and integrity of delicate receiver parts.

As Giessele Automatics continues to expand its product base into mounting rails and other accessories, they remain focused on their motto: “We manufacture confidence.” Whether it is a Giessele Trigger, a Super Gas Block or any one of the company’s other precision manufactured products, you can be sure that the men behind Giessele’s products remain true to their mission. Geissele Automatics is a dedicated group of American Craftsmen who know their products as end users as well as designers and manufacturers. They offer “No Gimmicks, Just Geissele.

Geissele Handguard