MPN: 2A-22LRM10S-1


  • High-quality polymer AR-15 .22LR magazines
  • Reliable feeding of AR .22LR rifles
  • Fit into standard AR-15 mag pouches
  • Steel feed lip ensure reliable feeding


  • Material: Polymer with Steel Feed Lip
  • Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Compatibility: .22LR
  • Weight: 4.13 oz.
  • Color: Smoke


  • Ciener/Atchisson
  • Kriss 22LR
  • Spikes Tactical .22 AR
  • Tactical Solutions .22 AR
  • Sig Sauer 522
  • CMMG .22LR conversion kit


It seems like everyone is excited to do a AR-15 .22 conversion to play with and there are a lot of different conversion parts out there to choose from. Unfortunately, too many guys start a conversion without doing their homework and forget some pretty important things. Just like any other AR platform firearm, these conversions are useless without a quality, functional .22 AR magazine that’s compatible with the upper you’re using. 2A Armament continues their commitment to producing top quality AR parts with their own line of .22 conversion parts, including an AR-15 .22 magazine that works beautifully with not only their own parts but with a number of other manufacturers’ uppers too.

An AR-15 .22lr Magazine That Works

The 2A Armament team designed and manufactures their AR-15 .22 mag just like any of their other quality components. The chose the best materials for the job, used the best minds in the business to design a quality component that actually works as it should and set their craftsmen to create them for the firearm community at large. Like other AR magazines, the 2A Armament .22 AR Magazine is available in multiple versions allowing for personal tastes, and magazine capacity limitations. These AR-15 .22 magazines fit in the same standard mag pouches you use for your other mags so all you have to worry about is upper compatibility.

2A Armament .22LR AR Magazine Play Well With Others

The 2A Armament .22 mag is designed to optimize the function and feed capabilities of their own line of 22 conversion components but is also fully compatible with Ciener/Atchisson, Kriss 22LR, Spikes Tactical, Tactical Solutions, and Sig Sauer 522 rifles.

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