• Better recoil and muzzle rise control
  • Easier to stay on target
  • Compatible with Fortis CONTROL Shield
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem.
  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride or Matte Stainless
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Length: 2.278"
  • Outer Diameter: 0.95"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.28"
  • Thread: 1/2"-28



  • 1x Fortis RED Muzzle Brake 5.56MM Mod 2
  • 1x Crush Washer


There are hundreds of products on the market designed to cancel out the felt recoil of an AR-15, but very few of them are as effective as a good muzzle brake. The Fortis RED Muzzle Brake 5.56 Mod2 is a simple solution to punishing recoil and muzzle rise. The new Mod2 RED muzzle brake is compatible with Fortis CONTROL Shield to keep the side blast down.

The ports and channels of the Fortis RED Mod2 work to direct gases up and out both sides, thereby mitigating much of the recoil. As a result, your rifle will shoot much smoother, and you'll be able to get it back on target in an instant. This device will make it easier than ever to shoot tight, consistent groups. Plus, the design will add a sleek, futuristic look to your weapon. Not convinced yet? This muzzle brake has been tested and evaluated by people in the military and law enforcement community. It has also been tested under harsh full auto condition. The Fortis RED Mod2 Muzzle Brake allows you to put more rounds down range and on target quicker, and look good while doing it!

When You Buy the Fortis RED Mod2 Muzzle Brake from Wing Tactical You Get More Than a Box in the Mail

When you buy a product like the Fortis RED Mod2 Muzzle Brake from Wing Tactical you don’t just get a chunk of milled steel and hope it’s going to help manage kick when you go to the range. As a Wing Tactical customer, you get more than a box in the mail. We do the homework ahead of time so you don’t have to. Every item in our inventory is there because it is something we, as tactical and competition shooters feel will improve your shooting experience.

You might start out looking for a muzzle device because you’re tired of getting the snot kicked out of you every time you go to the range. You’d like shooting to be less like punishment. When you buy the Fortis RED Mod 2 you get more. We pick our products for a reason. The second generation Fortis RED Muzzle Brake does more than just handle the felt impulse of recoil, it helps you maintain fine control over your weapon. When you have more control you instantly become a better marksman. We work with companies like Fortis MFG because they’re not just punching out parts to make a buck, they’re elevating the game for everyone.

Trust Wing Tactical's Customer Service Department to Really Help

Our professional customer service people aren’t just telephone operators. We don’t set them down with a script and tell them to push products you don’t need. When you talk to one of our team members you won’t get some part time intern in a headset faking their way through. Every email that comes in is replied by someone with real knowledge of the products we sell. If you buy the Fortis RED Mod2 and have a question about its compatibility with other products, you can rest easy knowing that the blast mitigation device we suggest to work with it really will.

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