JP Enterprises Double Crush Washer (5/8-24 TPI)

JP Enterprises Double Crush Washer (5/8-24 TPI)

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MPN: JPCW-58B.750 / JPCW-58S.750


  • Provides consistent torque level through entire rotation
  • Greater than one full turn after contact to time any muzzle device
  • Expand when crushing which prevents binding on threads for easy removal
  • Tight fit to outer diameter of threads which helps center on the barrel
  • Superior cosmetics due to symmetry and flat profile after crushing


  • Weight: 0.1 oz.
  • Finish: Black or Stainless Steel
  • Thread: 5/8"-24


  • Any barrel with 0.750" outer diameter with 5/8"-24 TPI (Threads Per Inch)


If you install muzzle devices using washers you might consider them a necessary evil. The folks at JP Enterprises felt the same way so they decided to do something about it. JP’s designers took it upon themselves to take the mental pain and anguish out of using washers once and for all. The result of JP’s fresh design paired with a little necessary metallurgy is a washer that looks and works like no other.

JP’s Double Crush Washer is an easy to use washer that centers automatically so that you get an even crush so that your comp installation is smooth and free from the usual hassles associated with crush washer use. Careful design and use of a proper alloy create a situation where the necessary torque throughout application remains constant. No more timing accidents caused by variations in tension. Timing your muzzle device becomes easy when you have a minimum of one full turn to work with post-contact no matter which device you have.

The JP Enterprises Double Crush Washer fits closely to the outer diameter of your barrel threads making it easy to be sure your muzzle device remains centered on the barrel. JP’s washer expands as it’s crushed so it won’t bind on barrel threads. That means it’s much easier to remove a comp installed with this washer than those installed with traditional ones. Don’t forget good looks. Using JP washers makes your installations so much prettier than others because you can rely on a nice flat profile and true symmetry after crushing.

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8 Reviews

  • Much nicer then the standard crush washer

    Posted by Carlos Gaxiola on 20th Mar 2021

    It keeps the muzzle device level

  • Great product

    Posted by Shirley on 31st May 2020

    Very impressed, great crush washer would definitely recommend

  • This product is GREAT

    Posted by Steve on 15th Apr 2020

    These Crush Washers are the best I have ever used, The grip on them really makes it on and no worry about it getting loose.

  • Crush washer

    Posted by James on 18th Mar 2020

    I prefer a double crush washer, in my opinion it gives more room for adjustment, well made

  • JP double crush washer

    Posted by Jorge on 11th Apr 2019

    Timing muzzle brake was easy and it looks better than a regular crush washer

  • Superior Design

    Posted by Braden on 29th Jan 2019

    The J.P. Enterprises double crush washer is an engineered solution the OG "Crush Washer" we have all come to expect on factory mil spec AR type rifles. I opted to purchase this particular washer as it's O.D. was quite smaller than that of standard washers, making it a much better fit for a SJC Titan brake/comp on my Ruger SR762. Even when crushed, the O.D. remains smaller than that of a standard washer before crushing. This size difference is aesthetically pleasing and looks "right". When torqued/crushed, this washer applies the loading to the flat face of the barrel and the muzzle device and will not jam the washer into your barrels threads like a single crush. If you're in the market for an excellent crush washer to install and time your favorite muzzle device, look no further!!! Wing tactical has the best price shipped on these, so buy one and a few extra for the bench. Happy Shooting and God Bless America.

  • Premium part

    Posted by Brant on 11th Aug 2018

    This washer is a big improvement over washers with a single crush. The taper of both sides being able to crush centered the washer perfectly with the barrel and compensator. The stainless washer matched great with my stainless barrel.

  • Perfect for a perfect install

    Posted by Dallas on 28th Feb 2018

    Perfect. Except for shipping costs as much as a washer. Lol

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