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JP Enterprises

JP Enterprises - Designed From Real Shooters

JP Enterprises (a.k.a. JP Rifles) is dedicated to providing high-quality firearms parts to gun owners in professions ranging from law enforcement to military to competitive shooting. In fact, the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit uses JP rifles and components in building its rifles. The company is proud to display the photos and testimonies of many satisfied customers from all backgrounds.

John Paul, the current president for JP Enterprises, is an enthusiastic competitive and recreational shooter. His first gun was a Daisy Red Ryder with a sling made from an old belt belonging to his mother. He is passionate about creating products designed to meet the needs of real shooters. Paul spends thousands of hours every year traveling to national competitions and putting JP Enterprises AR-15 parts and other JP Rifles' products to the test.

JP Products

JP Enterprises offers their famous Silent Captured Springs designed to eliminate the “spoon over cheese grater” noise when firing an AR platform weapon while provide a reliable cycling. The Silent Captured Spring System is a self-contained unit designed to replace the traditional buffer and spring system. The highly-polished components of this assembly offer extremely smooth and quiet cycling.

Another of the more popular JP Enterprises parts is the JP Enterprises .750 Adjustable Gas Block. This high-quality gas block fits all .750” diameter gas seat barrels and fits inside most handguards and rail systems. The clamp-on design keeps the gas block in place. Of all the JP Enterprises AR-15 parts you can purchase, this may be one of the most crucial. Without an effective gas block, you cannot use your firearm effectively, which is why JP Enterprises makes sure that its gas blocks are of the highest quality.

If you ask around, you’ll hear from plenty of satisfied JP Enterprises customers because a JP Enterprises customer is a satisfied customer. JP Enterprises accepts nothing less and guarantees satisfaction with all JP Enterprises AR-15 parts and other JP Rifles' parts. If it’s not right, they’ll make it right. That’s just good business and company policy.

JP Enterprises BCG and Gas Block

Satisfaction Guarantees

Unlike many firearms manufacturers who may be corporate suits miles away from the nearest parts warehouse, JP Enterprises parts and firearms are used and tested by the President of the company himself. You can be sure that if a product isn’t good enough for a man with nearly 40 years of experience shooting firearms competitively and even more than that shooting recreationally, it won’t appear in the JP Enterprises parts inventory.

JP Enterprises is constantly seeking ways to improve existing products and creating new ideas to better serve the needs of recreational and professional shooters. Firearms are more than just a business for JP Enterprises — they’re a passion and a lifestyle, and that shows in the products JP Enterprises sells. Remember — customer satisfaction is the company’s #1 priority. JP guarantees only one thing: the satisfaction of the customer.